Mistover – Dungeon Mechanics per Zone

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Misty Forest

All credit goes to Axanael!

Traps in Misty Forest:

  • Bleed (Light Bleed for 20 tiles on a random character).
  • Damage (Take an amount of flat damage on a random character).
  • Hunger (-% of Food Meter).
  • Luminosity (-% of Light Meter).
  • Vertigo (Reversed Movement Controls).

Special Tiles:

  • Bush: You can’t see inside bush tiles, enemies can’t see you when you are in a bush tile.

Cathedral Ruins

New Traps:

  • Forced Teleportation – Teleports you to elsewhere into the Dungeon.

New Tiles:

  • “Invisible” Enemies – Trap tiles in Cathedral Ruins are distorted transparent tiles, some of these have enemy sprites within you can see if you are careful.


Introduction of 2 tile wide hallways, generally short/medium in length.

Cursed Town

New Traps:

  • Summon Enemy – 1-3 Enemies will Spawn but these will despawn after a few turns if you do not fight them. Not fighting them will still allow you to achieve 100% Completion, so Red just means if you choose to or are forced to fight them you will at least receive rewards.

New Tiles:

  • Fog – Similar to a Bush, but you cannot see outside when you are in a Fog Tile. You also cannot access your map while in a Fog tile.

Mimic Chests – Some brown chests will actually be enemies and not a chest. Since you have to try to open the chest to initiate the fight, you will always have initiative in these fights. Only Brown Chests can be Mimics, and they will not consume keys when you try to open them. You can distinguish between real and Mimic Chests by watching for an opening animation, a real chest will never open on its own while a Mimic will open and close in its idle animation.


Introduction of long 1 tile wide hallways becoming relatively common.

Frozen Mountain

New Traps:

Traps now have an active/inactive state which they can switch between. Stepping on a trap while inactive will not trigger the trap, but will not get rid of the trap.

Map Exploration Reset – This resets your map exploration progress, along with Quest progress for “Explore 80% of x location” Quests.

New Tiles:

Wind Tiles

Wind Tiles will propel you in the direction the wind is blowing several tiles. Being pushed into a chain of them will result in you being propelled several tiles away from the last wind tile, the direction that tile is blowing. Touching them will make them disappear. You can also be stopped by hitting an object / wall.

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