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Rust - Blueprint Prioritise Guide (Early Gameplay)

Written by Echo   /   Nov 9, 2019    

In this guide, we will be looking at what Blueprints would be best to prioritise early on, This guide will mostly be about workbench level 1 and 2 due to being in the "Starter" and "Mid Game", We will mostly be excluding explosives as that's really up to what raids you expect to do later on in your wipe.


In this section we will be discussing what tools in what order to research.


The Hatchet is one of the most important tools and you will use it mostly throughout your wipe.


The Pickaxe is another highly important BP to research as it will supply you with explosives by sulfur mining or will provide you to upgrade your base further by getting metal nodes.

The following tools should only be used once you have gained enough resources to loosely craft them without losing much by dying with it, Still though it's quite important to have for end game.


The Chainsaw provides a very good amount of wood with its intake of low grade but its quite expensive to craft.

Salvaged Icepick

The Salvaged Icepick will provide you with an increased amount of resources per node, It is far better than the basic Pickaxe but it requires components unlike its counterpart.

Salvaged Axe

The Salvaged Axe is once again a upgraded version of its counterpart and provides more resources, It requires components to make.


In this section you will be informed on what clothes you should prioritise, This can be changed depending on where you live on the map.

Long Sleeve Shirt

The Long Sleeve Shirt is one of the easiest clothes to come by on the roads and its recommend you research it instantly, Its better then burlap clothes and does not require components to create.


The Pants will be used throughout your entire wipe, Though costing components it only cost 1 sewing kit, Going out with a long sleeve shirt and pants is a very basic outfit but very rewarding as it has decent cold protection and some rad protection.


The Hoodie may cost a fair bit in terms of components and cloth but its the most useful clothing item for the upper body in the game, I recommend you roam with Hoodies whenever you have got a stack or so of sewing kits lying about inside your base.

Hazmat Suit (only use midgame)

The Hazmat Suit is one of the most useful armours and clothing items in the game, its good if your roaming at a minutes notice and need basic protection from radiation and projectiles, They are quite expensive to craft so be careful when considering to do so.

The following can be researched and its recommended you do even for basic areas on the map.

Snow Jacket

The Snow Jacket is very useful if your going on trips to the snow frequently or living in it, Not much else could be said about it.


Boots are the main foot protection in the game, They are quite expensive to craft but during mid game they are very beneficial for taking on numerous monuments.


This section is dependant on how you play or pvp in Rust, This section will mostly cover basic T2 and T1 weapons.

Must need to progress.


The revolver is very useful to begin with, This paired up with wooden armour or a hazmat suit you find on the road could depend if you can win simple fights against other Tier 1 players.

Double Barrel

The DB can be very effective against Tier 1 players and has even proved useful against Tier 3 players due to its heavy damage, Use the DB if you plan on staying at a position for a long period of time.


The Python is another revolver that is a T2 Weapon, It is recommended you practice and get your settings correct first before using the Python due to its heavy recoil.

Semi Automatic Rifle

The SAR is the most basic weapon in the game and will be your entrance into winning fights with players at a Tier 2 - Tier 3 level.

The following weapons will be whats recommended if you prefer automatic play.

Custom SMG

The Custom SMG can be difficult to start off with due to how fast it is but it can pay off to make quick plays, It is recommended that you seek out a Thompson as soon as possible but the Custom SMG is very cheap to for what it can accomplish.

Remember that these Weapons are the more basic level of the tiers, Once again though the Weapons are mostly up to how you play the game


Once again Ammunition is up to how you pvp but its recommended you get the following first.

Get all following ammunition researched as soon as possible.

Buckshot Rounds

Buckshot rounds are the most basic of shotgun rounds that require you to research for, Pairing up Buckshot rounds with the DB early on can be very useful to win fights against Tier 1 players.

Pistol Bullets

Pistol bullets are a must research as you need them for weapons at the Tier 1 level, They are also carried over in Tier 2 with SMG's and other pistols.

5.56 Rounds

The most basic round that is useful for your SAR all the way up to your M249, Research the 5.56 ammunition as soon as possible to begin fighting effectively against Tier 3 players.

This section is pretty much common sense but I may as well have included it.


You should prioritise the following armour sets in the following order.

Roadsign Kit

The Roadsign kit is the most basic Tier 2 armour set available to the player, The Roadsign kit can be very useful if you have the resources around to have a large quantity of them.

Metal Armour

Metal Armour is a Tier 3 workbench item that you should worry about later on to match other Tier 3 players.

Optional but useful parts

Riot Helmet

The Riot helmet is a useful Tier 1 - Tier 2 level helmet and is very effective when starting out.

Written by Echo.

Game:   Rust