Don’t Starve Together – Survival Tactic Guide

Make survival tactics an instinct for yourself. After reading this guide you will no longer have to worry about basic threats to your character; Which means more time and energy is saved for base designing / exploring.

Code of the Survivor

Golden Rules

  • Always carry / have light, armor, and weapon at ready.
  • Always carry / have full stacks of each basic resource.
  • Organize and manage your inventory at your free time.
  • Plan way ahead for everything.

Routine Code


  • Always collect / have enough food at your inventory, since it’s too obvious not to starve, It’s not mentioned at Steps.
  • Remember to maintain the quanity of resources, especially common resources at a good amount, all the time during Steps; Otherwise you will need to head out for collecting those which wastes time.
  • Aim for crafting a Thermal stone faster if you’ve joined a server at Winter or Summer.

  • If joined at Winter, craft a Torch as soon as you can, and light trees to stay warm while performing the Steps (Carefull not to burn someone’s base if it’s multiplayer).
  • If joined at Spring, additionally collect x30+ Nitre at first step.
  • If joined at Summer, craft a Straw Hat and Whirly Fan as soon as possible and take cover under trees. Then follow the steps while additionally collecting Nitre aswell.

Step 1

Collect these resources:

  1. Cut Grass (x20+)
  2. Twigs (x20+)
  3. Flints (x15+)
  4. Rocks (x30+)
  5. Gold Nuggets (x20+)
  6. Logs (x40+)
  7. Silk (x2+)

Step 2


  1. Science Machine (Place it)
  2. Backpack
  3. Spear
  4. Shovel
  5. Bug Net (Catch atleast x1 Fireflies before reaching Step 4)
  6. Alchemy Engine (Don’t place it yet)
  7. Razor (Optional)

Now you can hammer the Science Machine down.

Step 3

Collect these resources:

  • Pig Skin (x10+)
  • Silk (x10+)
  • Beefalo Wool (x4) (Optional)

Step 4

Find a good location, and place Alchemy Engine.

Then Craft:

  1. Football Helmet
  2. Miner Hat
  3. Opulent Pickaxe
  4. Regal Shovel
  5. Luxury Axe
  6. Thermal Stone
  7. Piggyback (Optional)
  8. Umbrella (Optional)
  9. Winter Hat (Optional)

You can survive the rest of the game by having these additionally:

  • Winter: Thermal Stone x1
  • Spring: Umbrella x1
  • Summer: Nitre x30+ Grass x30+ (For Endothermic Fire)

Inventory Organization


Method One (Recommended)

From Right: Resources, Tools; Anything else placed at middle or at Backpack.

Method Two

From left: Resources, Tools; Anything else placed after, or at Backpack.

Method Three

From Left: Tools, Food, Extra Items; Resources placed at Backpack

Primary Method

This is for when you have piggyback; It’s the best formation so far:

From Left: Tools, Food, Extra Items; All resources at Piggyback.

Written by Chesmu

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