GTA 5 – How to Play Without Spending Real Money (GTA Online)

Please note: all credit goes to joewaylo!

It’s a very long process, but there is a way to play the game without spending money. I’ll run through the game now and then and create the game right.

Introduction (Rank 1)

The first thing you do of course is create your character. The game changed the introduction from flying on an Airplane to jumping straight to the Casino. Mind you, that is a lot slower unless you can find the first race you join. I’ll run through a few basics.

Boosting Cars and Getting a Garage

Obviously the first thing you want to do is boost cars and obtain a garage. If you want your first car, there’s always a car to boost in the nearby alley. Sports Cars and Muscle Cars are the ones I typically go for.

Garages start closer to $30,000. But because I obtained a White Shark card, I was given a bonus to go up to the casino’s nearby garage.

The cops will ignore you at Rank 1. So you can shoot as many cops as you want, but they won’t charge after you. You have to race at Rank 1 to get to Rank 2.

Weapons and Ammo

The very first few weapons you can buy today and can afford are up to $50,000. One of which is free, the shotgun. The rest of the weapons available to any rank are out of your price range.

  • Pistol (Given already).
  • Shotgun (Free).
  • Grenade Launcher ($45,000).


The most challenging thing to do is to keep from wasting money. The only thing I’ll do here is spin the wheel and cash in my chips. That’s all that I feel like doing. You can only spin the wheel once a day. So you might as well set your time for like say 4:00 am daily to spin it then go to work or when you get home to go spin it.


Races are everywhere. Just go around and find a race or go on your map to find a race. You must complete 1st place or 2nd place and be on time or you will be disqualified DNF.

Racing to Rank 5

The best way to get to level 5 is to race your way up there. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but the respect points you earn in the end. Make sure you can at least hit 3rd place and not receive a “DNF” Disqualified. .

Drive to any map point with a checkered flag or a steering wheel or press the UP key on your keypad and select Race in the Quick Jobs.

Each startup will of course show the last logged in player, in this case Rank 257.

At most, you need 5 races for 5 rank ups. If you can, hit first place. However, you just need to complete five races in third place to get to Rank 5.

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