GTA 5 – How to Unlock Crew Member Patrick McReary (GTA Online)

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This guide briefly describes how to find this character in GTA Online for update Diamond Casino Heist.

Where Show Up This Character?

This character show up near the main entrance of the base of Zancudo.

He show up around in 12:00 am to 7:00 pm.

How to Catch This Character?

Chase the police van, and kill the driver, sit in police van, but in any case do not kill the character, and do not drown in the water this car, otherwise you will have to re-enter the session and catch the time event.

What’s Next?

Get away from the cops, or call Lester to do it for you, and then take him to the point on the specified route in safehouse.

After breaking away from the cops Pakki will tell a little about his past and the city itself.

Patrick McReary of the wonderful Dukes in blessed liberty city. I came to Los Santos for wealth and fame, and found only boredom and idiots.

You’re the first locals to be interested in my past.

Everyone talks about what they will do, who they will become, but not about what kind of people they are. And they don’t care about anyone else.

A whole city of cocaine addicts who don’t snort coke. Honestly, there must be something in the cabbage juice. If you ever need people for the case, you won’t forget about me?


After you take him to the safe house in the city.

You will be given 10,000 cash and two badges “All Crew Up” if you have unlocked someone before and “Gunman”.

Old Gunman

Find and release an old accomplice to help you with a casino robbery.

Written by BANDIT-JACK 27


  1. Almost got him to the safe house and for some reason “Time expired” and failed…I didnt see a timer anywhere. Glitch?

    • Maybe – i just call the Lester – loose cops and then took him to SafeHouse
      After That Lester thanked me for finding Packie on SMS

  2. 69, this event is fully bugged to hell. I just sat 7 times near Dollar Pills in Harmony, Sandy Shores. Each time it was around 28 minutes and unsuccessful. The door either locked or Patrick wasn’t even there. That’s so frustrating, hope R-stars will fix it in next micro-update at Thursday…

  3. Dunno why, but i met patrick when i was doing another setup(steal drill),and i got 2(!) yellow markers on the map when i got the police van.
    What’s more, i met patrick IN Los Santos, north-west part, by the lombank office iirc, 15:00 or so.
    Very strange, after i searched the red part for a long time with no result.

  4. That’s pretty cool I guess this is also how he gets unlocked in Director Mode right? Or would that be achievable normally through story mode?

    • Markhoss It’s only for GTA:ONLINE
      in Director Mode you get this character in a different way in the storyline near the Franklin neighborhood near the pharmacy Dollars Pills

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