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PAYDAY 2 - Jump! Jump! Jump! Achievement Guide

Written by silverminigun   /   Jan 15, 2020    

This is a guide for getting the Jump! Jump! Jump! achievement.

How to Obtain Jump! Jump! Jump! Achievement


First things first bind mwheel to jump can be any mwheel up or down your choice.

How to Obtain

You must finished a heist without it ever going more than 4 seconds between you jumping. Also it unlocks the Dawg Mask.


Ace the ♥♥♥ all of the ecm skills and ace parkour.

The Start

Got your skills and settings? Let's go.

  1. Put jewerly store on normal.
  2. When the screen goes black while starting hold G to put the mask early.
  3. Also see the store to the left of the jewerly store? Jump over there and keep jumping and place a ecm on there place it on the window.
  4. So you can keep jumping next smash the window of the left of the jewerly store.
  5. I recommend shooting the glass instead of smashing them is more faster.
  6. Don't forget you have limited time before the ecm stops working if worried place another one it recommend on the wall.
  7. So you can keep jumping grab the bags fast throw them in the van.
  8. Don't ♥♥♥ing miss you gotta do it all over again.
  9. Do that with 3 other bags hope for god you get the achievement and your done.

Cute Dawg Mask

Once you gone through hell you got a cute dawg mask. Congrats you are one of the players owning this achievement.

Written by silverminigun.

Game:   PAYDAY 2