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Starbound - How to Defeat the Erchius Horror

Written by Stik   /   Jan 30, 2020    

This is a simple guide describing the Erchius Horror.

Guide to Defeating the Erchius Horror


The Erchius Horror undergoes 1 unique attack in each of the 3 phases:

Phase 1

  • The Erchius Horror will blast two lasers in opposite directions and spin them slowly around the room at a constant pace, before ending and summoning a mutant. It repeats this until the Laser Cannon (explained later) is used.

Phase 2

  • It will then double the first phase (excluding the mutant attack) making a kind of + symbol with the lasers. These will again spin around for a bit before turning and spinning in the opposite direction.
  • It will then once again summon a mutant before repeating until phase 3.

Phase 3

  • The new laser pattern is where the lasers rise up to the top, leaving a narrow passageway to hide in, then to the sides. This is fairly easy to dodge if you know exactly where to go. It will summon another mutant, and if you use the laser cannon now, the boss will be shattered.

Defeating the Boss

To defeat the boss, activate the 4 switches seen around the room. They will turn from a red light to a blue one. Once all four have been activated, jump down to the bottom and use the cannon seen. The Erchius Horror will go into the next phase or be defeated.


Ok, I should've put this under the Attacks. Whatever. To dodge the first phase lasers, simply follow the laser ahead of you.

The mutants are easy, so I won't explain them.

The second phase lasers move faster (or its just me) and the changing of the spin direction can catch you off guard. If you know when the lasers are about to switch direction, make sure you are near the laser behind you as the laser that will chase you next will be further away, thus increasing your chance of survival.

The third phase is simple enough. To avoid the lasers coming down on you, travel to one of the platforms second to the bottom and wait. Do not stand too close to the edge, or it might still hit you.

It will only perform one of each direction then summon the mutant.

Written by Stik.

Game:   Starbound