Stoneshard – How to Edit Savefiles to Customize Experience

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to eddit your starting game savefiles to customize your experience.

Savegame Shennanigans Guide

Making the Thing

The first step is pretty simple. You need to launch Stoneshard, get through Verren’s speech, and pick your character. That’s it. Time for step two.

Finding the Thing

The second step is finding where all this stuff is located. For me, i have a windows computer, so I’m going to follow these steps.

  • Type in %appdata% into your search bar.
  • Click on it.
  • Go to the base folder AppData.
  • Go to Local.
  • Go to Stoneshard.
  • Click on Characters.
  • Find the Character you want to edit.
  • Congratulations, you’ve found the thing! On to step three!

Editing the Thing

Now that you’ve found the character file, you’ll first want to go into “character.sav”. It may look intimidating, but CTRL+F is your friend. You can find just about every stat you need in here, so I wont bother to list them all. If you need to find one that isn’t what we’re looking for, try common sense, then put it in the comments and I might be able to help.

The stat we’re looking for is called “Received_XP”. This will change how much xp we get without editing every single monster’s xp drops. change it to whatever you want, with 100.000000 being 100% and something like 264.000000 being 264%.

Written by Begoneeth

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