Terraria – How to Defeat Expert Calamitas

This guide explains how to defeat expert calamitas in detail.

Guide to Defeating Expert Calamitas

Before Starting

First of all, ranged is perfect because you can outrun and shoot him from far-away.

You need:

  • Unreal Chlorophyte Shotbow.
  • Unreal Speed Blaster.
  • Unreal Barinautical.
  • (Optional) Legendary Terra Blade.


  • (Many!) Recall Potions.
  • Greater Healing Potions.
  • Archery Potions.
  • Thorns Potions.
  • Ironskin Potions.
  • Rage and Wrath Potions.
  • Regeneration Potions.
  • Swiftness Potions.
  • Night Owl Potions.
  • Inferno Potions.


  • Chlorophyte Helmet Armor.


  • Warding Ice/Flame Wings.
  • Warding Flesh Knuckles.
  • Warding Charm Of Myths.
  • Warding Lightning Boots.
  • Warding Worm Scarf.

Note: You can use Demon Heart to get one bonus slot.

The Fight

Start shooting Calamitas and fly to right side of map, when you´re in sticky situtation, use recall potion and wait for Calamitas when you see lasers start shooting at right and fly to left. Repeat this until, Calamitas summons Cataclysm, but focus still on Calamitas. Do the same with Catastrophe. When he says “Most Impressive Child, Most Impressive”, Start using Recall Potions more commonly. When Cataclysm and Catastrophe awokens, start focusing on Catatrophe, then focus on Calamitas again. Do this until Calamitas dies.

Note: You should kill Plantera before Calamitas, because Plantera is way much easier!

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