Terraria – Game Doesn’t Launch Fix (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

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How to Fix Terraria 1.4 if It’s Refusing to Launch or If You’re Stuck In

Note: If you are using tModLoader from a previous version, do this.

If your game is still launching Terraria, or just refuses to launch at all, then try this:

  • Step 1: Right click on Terraria, hold your cursor over manage, then hit “Browse Files”
  • Step 2: Select everything in there, and delete it.
  • Step 3: Hit Play on steam, it’ll give you an error message and then prompt you to re-download Terraria
  • Step 4: Re-Download Terraria.
  • Step 5: Play!

That’s the most basic method to fix Terraria if it refuses to load or if you’re stuck in

If you want to re-download tModLoader, get the DLC in the Terraria shop.

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