Dwarrows – All Puzzle Ruins Guide (Map + Solutions)

Puzzle Areas

Ancient Ruins Must Contain Treasure

Discover all 34 Puzzle Ruins.

Overview Tab mentions 42 regular puzzle locations, but the achievement asks for 34 and the map has 36 marked locations. Some not counting for the achievements as you need to find all 36 to unlock this achievement. You don’t need to finish them to get the achievement, you only need to find them. This achievement is easily missable as Mucktock Swamp area unlocks only if you progressed on Ebren’s Quest.

Please Be Aware:

  • Each chest at Puzzle Ruins hold 1 Quartz. Make sure you loot it.
  • You can’t always solve a puzzle ruins when you discover it. You might need torch or explosives for it what you unlocks later for your characters.

Full map with all unlocked puzzle ruin locations.

  • Puzzle ruins marked with red.
  • Major Trials marked with blue.

Walkthrough for All Puzzle Ruins


  • The Faavi Castle: 0:16
  • The Photonic Redirection: 9:34
  • The Starcrossed Escape: 10:41
  • The Adjective Noun: 11:13
  • The Alternating Climb: 11:48
  • The Binary Gate: 13:10
  • The Blocked Path: 13:33
  • The Broken Climb: 13:59
  • The Careful Timing: 14:30
  • The Caught Fall: 14:55
  • The Clever Wall: 16:03
  • The Cluttered Storehouse: 17:16
  • The Delayed Junction: 18:01
  • The Distorted Geometry: 19:04
  • The Entangling Vines: 20:50
  • The Ethereal Tower: 21:34
  • The Explosive Entrance: 22:50
  • The Flooded Barrier: 23:23
  • The Fourth Button: 24:47
  • The Frantic Torchlighter: 25:20
  • The Hastening Interlock: 26:26
  • The Intercepted Bubble: 26:58
  • The Launched Leap: 27:31
  • The Levitating Spiral: 28:03
  • The Logical Conundrum: 32:34
  • The Nostalgic Reverie: 33:26
  • The Oscillating Waves: 35:25
  • The Photonic Community: 36:03
  • The Playful Poltergeist: 37:25
  • The Powered Signal: 38:06
  • The Spectral Aperture: 38:32
  • The Springing Goal: 40:03
  • The Sunken Ruin: 41:22
  • The Trapped Maze: 42:04
  • The Tricky Fall: 42:28
  • The Weaving Obstacle: 42:59 

Extra Puzzles

Treasure Chambers

So there were 36 puzzle ruins. But overview says there are 42 puzzles. Right? RIGHT? Well, there treasure chambers, 6 total. I belive you seen a few cave in like formations at the edge of the map already. Pickaxe not worked on them, but then you unlocked the bomb ability for your Dwarf character and now is time to open them! These cave ins looks like:

Use bomb on the entrance and you have 6 more puzzles to solve, each with 1 Quartz reward. Locations of all Secret Chamber area (marked with black dots):

How to get to the tower in Duskenvale?

You need to lit 4 big Torches to start the elevator. The Tower is at the green circle, the Torches are at the red dots. Look for some stone pillars, with a big torch in the middle of it:

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