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ARK: Survival Evolved - How to Tame or Kill Ferox (Genesis DLC)

Mar 4, 2020    

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How to Kill Ferox

This guide describes how to fight against the Ferox.

The Ferox is a very fragile creature, it poses no danger unless it's fed Element.


When the Ferox is not in its aggressive state a melee weapon such as a Sword or Pike would work best. But when the Ferox is in its aggressive state, a ranged weapon such as an Assault Rifle would work very well. Another approach would be to knock it out while it's in the small form (easily done with an equus) then beat it to death.


A ranged weapon would work very well against the Ferox.


When the Ferox is in its aggressive form its stats are boosted exponentially.


When the Ferox is not in its aggressive form its health and other stats are very low.

How to Tame Ferox

Ferox can be tamed non-violently rather than through the usual methods. It can also be conventionally tamed with KO taming. However, it can't be tamed while it is in its giant mutated form.

Passive Tame

With Element in any slot, approach the Ferox and use the element to begin taming. Be ready to run away as the Ferox shapeshifts into an aggressive giant and will then proceed to chase after the survivor who fed it, and will continue to pursue until it reverts back to its small self. This must be repeated multiple times until it is tamed after the last revert.

One of the known tactics is to encase it around a giant trap base by luring it while in its giant form with a speedy dino.

Another tactic is if you are in a cave you can feed it element and grapple to the roof of the cave and repeat until it is tamed. It is the same for trees as you can grapple to the top of them.