ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Kill the Insect Swarm (Genesis DLC)

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Insect Swarm Combat Guide

This guide describes how to fight against the Insect Swarm.


The Insect Swarms are mainly to distract and prevent survivors from achieving their goals in the bog. They cause no real damage unless a survivor has multiple swarms attacking them at once. Insect Swarms have a low health pool even at high levels, making them fairly easy to dispatch.

Insect Swarms can sometimes hit you through walls, even though the Insect Swarm entity is still outside of the wall.

A survivor can simply use Bug Repellent, this will make the Insect Swarm ignore you for the duration of the buff. Be warned survivors, this can get costly over long periods of time.


A Insect Swarm will not attack a target, be it survivor or tame, if the target is standing in water. The swarm will eventually de-aggro, and wander off.

A survivor should use a torch in third person to dispatch Insect swarms faster. If any survivor has access to a flamethrower it would be best to use it, because the flamethrower has the ability to take down multiple swarms at once.But you can also use a campfire.


A torch will work wonders for one to two insect swarms at a time, while a flamethrower can take out crowds of them with ease.A campfire will also work if you can get the swarm over it.


Insect Swarms inflict minimal damage while slowly draining stamina until it’s depleted. While it may not sound dangerous, it can be. It all depends on what’s around a survivor(s) when they are getting swarmed, potentially making escape impossible.


The Insect Swarms are vulnerable to incendiary (fire) weapons and ammo. Torches will be a new survivors best friend, while flamethrowers will prove more effective when dealing with large crowds.

Bug Repellent works really well against Insect Swarms, but can get costly over long periods of time.

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