Being a DIK – How to Beat Brawler (Hard Mode)

This guide will explain the steps you’ll need to take in order to win the Brawler mini game on the Hard mode setting.

Guide to Beating Brawler

About Brawler – Achievements

Brawler is a mini game available in Being a DIK where you battle an opponent by pressing the arrow keys in a shown order to defeat them. You’ll have a limited amount of time to press the correct keys to land a move or defend an attack. If you make a mistake, or fail to complete the sequence in time, your attacks will miss and your opponent’s strikes will land. Play continues until someone is defeated.

You’ll play the Brawler mini game in two ways: on your phone in the Brawler app and during the main story line. There are three possible fights during the main game, one of which is optional. The remainder of the fights take place in the Brawler app that you can play during free roam. Each time you free roam, you can earn one $, unlock a special render, and gain a skill point (or later one $ when your skills are maxed) by playing the app.

There are Seven achievements associated with the Brawler mini game.

Hard Mode / Story Achievements

  • Roommate beatdown – Beat Troy on Hard difficulty setting.
  • Vice presidential beatdown – Beat Dawe on Hard difficulty setting.
  • Presidential beatdown – Beat Chad on Hard difficulty setting.

Brawler App Achievements

  • Nerd pummel – Beat the easy brawler opponent.
  • Prep pummel – Beat the normal brawler opponent.
  • Jock pummel – Beat the hard brawler opponent.

Additionally, the special renders you unlock on the Brawler app contribute to the Magazine collector achievement.

How to Win on Hard Mode

The first time you can play the Brawler mini game is during the first free roam.

Access your phone by moving your cursor to the upper left corner of the screen and choose the Brawler app on the bottom left, the one with the glove icon.

The first time you enter the app, the game will ask you which difficulty you wish to play.

The difference between the three modes is the length of time you have to input the moves. Easy gives you plenty of time while hard mode is pretty darn fast. Don’t be discouraged, though! We want to get those achievements! Choose “Hard mode”.

Note, it is possible to lower the difficulty during the game, but not raise it. Choosing a difficulty here effects the difficulty of the Brawler mini game during story mode.

Once you’ve selected the difficulty, you are taken to the main menu.

Here you have several options:

  • Opponent – Choose one of three fighters ranging in difficulty to defeat and win rewards.
  • Store – Buy upgrades like counter strikes and additional skill points.
  • Skills – Spend your skill points to make battles easier and increase your changes to win.
  • Fight – Battle the selected opponent.
  • Tutorial – How to play the Brawler mini game. Watch if it’s your first time!
  • Quit – Return to Free Roam.

First, you want to spend the free skill point you received. Choose “Skills”.

You are taken to the skills screen which contains four skills:

  • POW: How much damage you deal.
  • HP: How much damage you can take.
  • DEX: How much time you have to input your moves.
  • MOV: How many attacks you can make in a row.

In Hard mode, the only stat that matters is dex. Hard mode greatly reduces the timer available to input moves. By increasing the dex stat, you’ll be given more time and thus have a better chance to win. The more points in dex, the easier this mode becomes until Maxing out the stat gives you about the same amount of time as Normal mode.

Next, you’re going to want to buy a skill point in the store.

Depending on how you’ve played to this point, you probably have at least one $. Even if you don’t, the scramble puzzle on your phone (the app next to Brawler) gives you one $ each time you beat it in free roam. It’s time to spend it in the store to buy an additional skill point.

This will allow you to raise your dex by one more point. You should now have three points in the dex stat in the Skills tab. The time should be slowed down enough for you to beat the hardest opponent in Brawler and earn one more skill point. Choose the “Opponent” option from the main menu and select the hard opponent. You’ll see under his picture the reward for beating him.

All that’s left to do now is fight!

When you beat the hard opponent (practice on the easy opponent if this is your first time playing Brawler and watch the tutorial) you’ll earn the last skill point you need to raise your dex to four, maxing the stat. Now you should be able to breeze through Brawler for the rest of the game.

I recommend putting your points in pow next, to increase the damage of your attacks, and then mov to give you more attacks in a row. Later, when you have the money to do so, buy Counter Strike in the store. It’s a way to punch your opponent for free after they punch you and it makes battles go quicker.

Don’t forget to fight the other opponents, you’ll earn an achievement if it’s the first time you beat them and you’ll need the Normal opponents render if you want to unlock them all during the game.

You’re ready to beat Brawler on the Hardest difficulty!

Written by JRSVaultBoy1974

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