Being a DIK – Mansion Renovation Guide

Guide to Mansion Renovation

All credit goes to FeverOfGreatness!

Round 1

Note: from the very beginning to the maximum, we buy a Dumpster perk, and then we start with $17.

  • Main Party Room: John Boy and Rusty
  • Left Stairway: Leon, Derek and Tommy
  • Stairway: Jacob and Jamie
  • WC: GG and Nick
  • Money: $17

Round 2

  • Front Hallway: Nick and Jacob
  • Terrace: GG, Leon and Rusty
  • Jamie’s Room: John Boy and Jamie
  • John Boy’s Room: Derek and Tommy
  • Money: $17

Round 3

Note: before the repair during the free room, we go up to the second floor and click on the dirty wall to facilitate this round.

  • Jacob’s Room: John Boy and Jamie
  • Dining Room: Leon, Tommy and Rusty
  • Right Hallway: Nick and Derek
  • Tommy’s Room: GG and Jacob

Money: $22(+5) (work in the library + Pink Rose / elderly care) [$32, if you, like me, are not interested in Madame in the VIP area, and you refused a pass]

Round 4

  • Note: Save before this round (or on the score distribution screen)!
  • Note: You will have 109 points to distribute, but you will need them in the next round.
  • Note: After distributing the points, check that among the jobs there is a “Maserati job” (for $$$) [the text of the work says about Maserati].
  • Kitchen: Rusty and Tommy
  • Leo’s Room: Leon and John Boy
  • Porch: Jamie and Derek
  • Upper Area 1: Jacob
  • Upper Area 2: Nickname
  • We send you to work like this:
  • “Maserati job”: GG
  • Money: $25(+3) [$35, if you refused a VIP pass]

Round 5

Note #1: Save before this round (or on the score distribution screen)!

We raise the status of “work” so:

  • Tommy, Nick and Jamie up to 40 (for “My Marriage” work)
  • Rusty, John Boy and Leon up to 50 (for “Treehouse” work)
  • Derek up to 60 (for the “Latex Boys” job)
  • Jacob under 40 (for “Broken Vase” work)
  • Note #2: you will have 36 points left to distribute, but you will need them in the next round. This round will also be difficult due to the need to reboot in order to get a good set of jobs. If this process takes too long, assign “My Marriage” and “Treehouse” jobs, and send GG, Derek and Jacob to $$ jobs.

I was looking for these jobs for 20 minutes and I was unlucky with randomness and I stopped at one job for $$$ and two jobs for $$.

Round 6

Note: Save before this round (or on the score distribution screen)!

  • Closet: Derek
  • Rusty’s Room: GG
  • Upper Area 3: Nick and Rusty
  • We send Tommy, Jacob, John Boy, Leon and Jamie to work for a total of at least $8. There is no need to raise the “work” status, we save the remaining points for the next round.

Money: $62(+10) [$72, if you refused a VIP pass, we buy windows]

Round 7

  • Laundry: GG
  • Home theatre: any 2 people
  • Bathroom: any 2 people
  • The remaining ones for any job.

After this round, we definitely have the money to buy windows without a pass and the repair will be completed.

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  1. Round 4 is incorrect. Your guide says to clean Upstairs Area #1 prior to beginning Rd 3, so Jacob has no task in Rd 4. I think you mean to assign Jacob to the small hallway outside Jacob’s & Nick’s rooms, as Jacob can complete them with the allocation at that point.

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