Being a DIK – Pack Quest Solution (Item Locations)

Here is the solution for Pack quest in the Being a DIK game.

How to Solve Pack Quest

Episode 6

Air conditioner: A black dot on the air conditioner in Tommy’s room

The biggest vein: Branching off from the main hall is a giant drawing of a ♥♥♥♥ on the wall, its on the top vein

Enjoy: Chinese food box on the floor of the kitchen that reads “Enjoy!”

Here’s Johnny: Into the right hall, if you get the reference its easy from there, if not its at the tip of the axe’s handle on the wall

The white king: Above Rusty is a painting of a white lion, or the KING of the jungle

Employee of the month: Derek has a trophy for employee of the month in his room

The travel pillow: Jacobs grey/white pillow on his bed

The intact keg: There’s a few kegs, but the intact one is the one at Leon’s bedside

The wick: Candle in your room, click on the wick

7:30: After all the dialogues, the clock on the laptop will change to 7:30

Episode 7

Quest pack at the HOT’s party.

44 dB – Karen’s hearing aid next to the girl’s clothes in the Basement.

Bad Girls – In Riona and Camilla’s room, it’s on Camilla’s side of the room look at the text “Nice girls finish last bad girls finish fast” It’s the A in bad.

Sounds like a trumpet – Elena’s and Lily’s room, on Elena’s side of the room the painting of the elephant, the tip of its trunk.

Smell of the Sahara – Sage’s room painting of the tiger. Tip of its nose.

Marine Time – Quinn’s room, book on her dresser.

Omicron – The Hot Poster Above Josy

Ember – The Fire in the Sauna

Wings of a Butterfly – Butterfly picture next to John Boy, Elena, and the Two Girls.

Crab stick – Arieths room, Tip of dildo.

1 – Josy’s and Heather’s room, Foam finger on the mug.

Episode 8

Bullseye – Corridor #2, front-left door, dartboard

Disco! – Corridor #1, front-left door, disco ball

Eat up – Bathroom, third stall from left, gloryhole

Fluffy & brown – Corridor #3, back-left door, bunny’s nose

Heart – Corridor #3, front-right door, heart on right wall

Illuminated – Illuminati symbol outside

Linda’s favorite drink – Corridor #2, front-right door, soda can on the floor to the left

Night with a K – Corridor #1, back-right door, knight poster

Olive drink – Corridor #2, back-left door, martini on table

Rooster remnants – Cathy flyer on the bulletin board in Corridor #1


Is there any way to replay the Pack Quests?

Only if you reset your progress… How do I do that?

  1. Close the game.
  2. Right-click the game in your Steam library and select “Properties”.
  3. Uncheck the box “Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Being a DIK”
  4. While still being in “Properties”, click “Local files” and choose “Browse” to open the installation directory.
  5. The save folder is found here “steamapps\common\Being a DIK\game\saves”. To delete the collectibles, delete the file called “persistent”. If you want to delete every save, delete the entire directory.
  6. Open “C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy”. If you can’t find AppData, make sure to “View>Hidden objects” in the file browser.
  7. Delete the save files from the “C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\BeingADIK-XXXX” folder.
  8. Start the game, and your progress is reset.

How to fix Pack Quest Achievement Bug

Follow the steps in problem #6, and make sure that you only delete the file called “persistent”. Please note, deleting the persistent file will reset collectibles’ progress. If you want to restore this after unlocking the achievements you couldn’t get before, keep a backup of the “persistent” file someplace else and restore the file after you’re done.

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