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Being a DIK - How to Pass All Conversations

Written by Game Master   /   Jun 2, 2020    

This guide will explain what you need to do to pass all conversations.

Swyper Guide

C, 38

She look's strangely familiar? Do you agree?

Correct Answers:

  • Hey, C. How are you doing?
  • Great. Me too...
  • Good.
  • Do you want to chat? You don't write a lot in your replies.
  • I get it. I've never chatted to someone who was so honest about their intention's. I like it.
  • I am not looking to date someone either. I want to try something different and see if i like it.
  • Ok. Tell me how i should start.
  • A picture of what?
  • "**** picture"
  • Yes, of course it's mine.
  • You really don't have to threaten me. thats not a good way to start this. i'm not going to tell anyone. This is just between you and me.
  • I like the sound of that.
  • I'd start by kissing your neck.
  • I slowly remove your bra and grab your "chest" (censored)
  • I remove my underware and put my hard **** between you thighs while standing up. i slowly thrust back and forward, grazing your panties with my ****.
  • That was ****ing amazing, C! It was so hot!
  • Think of me when you're in the shower. Imagine that your hand is mine as you clean up.

Reward: Extra Picture.

Catrin, 22

Correct Answers:

  • I'm over 6 feet. How about you?
  • Is it really that bad?
  • Maybe they think they can win you over before that happens?
  • You're from New York, right? How's it like there?
  • Who eats hot dogs at 10 p.m.?
  • I'll turn 21 in a few years, but i already drink.

Reward: extra picture

Ellie, 21

Correct Answers:

  • I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
  • I could handle yours. You're what? A B cup?
  • You couldn't fill a D cup.
  • Doesn't look like a D cup for me. Is it a push-up bra?
  • Show me them without the bra and i'll check again.

Reward: 2 extra pictures.

Ida, 20

She is a "trap" girl. Look at her pictures backside. I can't made her show pictures of her friend. So, my guess. this is only one block, which you can't avoid.

Nicole, 30

She is, surely, familiar to you? 

Note: if you chiken out in the strip club by letting Derek handle stuff or you not pay her for lap dance, she will automatically block you. Actually, i don't know how she react after calling her "Old ****'s". So if you have confirmed connection with Swyper i will fix it here.

Correct Answer:

  • Right back at you. so, it's Nicole, huh?
  • Is it my age?
  • I don't mind the age gap. Also. i'm not stupid, i know your private life is different from your work life. I read your profile and i wanted to know more about you. That's it.
  • Thanks. I just try to be me.
  • Haha! Noted.
  • I wouldn't mind doing that again with you sometime. It was the hottest thing i've done in my life.
  • Why can't it be both?
  • I'm looking forward to it.

No reward's, but Nicole will be opened for future dialogs like any other girl's which not block you.

Written by Game Master.

Game:   Being a DIK