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There’s no miracle that winning in the battlemode for slayers is not easy. Demons most often kill slayer fast, and the gamemode after it feels like beating an infant, thus beating slayer; even in pre-release people said that demons op and can kill easily slayer.

Useful Tips and Hints for Battlemode

Some Tips

  1. Don’t focus your fire only on 1 demon, their HP doesn’t regenerate back (and healing force field regen only 1/3 of total hp), better attack both of them simultaneously and when, they get low on HP, finish with ballista.
  2. Spam your auxiliary stuff, like granades, flamer on imps and zombies.
  3. Try to kill spiders, carcass’s and caco demons quicly, they do alot of damage
  4. Dodging is vital. Use envirement of the arena to avoid huge groups of demons, but dong try to stay on one position too long. Also toxic goo, lava and fire is do damage to the demons try to lure them.
  5. BFG9000 rays don’t damage player opponent, only direct hit do.
  6. Major summons don’t duplicate, but most players doesn’t know that and they do spam them. This cause original summon to die, leaving ammo pickup and health.
  7. Sometimes killed summons disapperars with no drop at all.

Weapons and Mods

A few mods that help kill demons:

  • Resource drain.
  • Burning hate.
  • Master Carve.

Highly recommend pick only BFG9000 as 3rd mod, because matches usually don’t last all 5 rounds. So other options such as master sentiel, for example — useless.

There’s only 4 useful weapons againts demon-players:

  • Balista.
  • Supershotgun.
  • Heavy Cannon.
  • Plasma Rifle.

Others do dps damage (which often not reliable, cause of need to perform huge damage blasts) or tend to be high skilled weapon, like Rocket launcher its good for killing imps, prowlers and zombies.

Weapon Damage


  • Pain Elemental – 600
  • Marauder – 300(600 in mid air)
  • Revenant – 300(600 in mid air)
  • Mancubus – 600
  • Arch-Vile – 600

Balista is good against PE, with it you can easily snipe it across arena.

Heavy Cannon

  • Scope mode is essential, you must use immidiatly at the begining of the round. It does 400 damage to ALL demons, and it has no range damage penalty.


  • With the new hook mechanic supershotgun can devastate demons with 4–5 rounds. It damage ranges from 300 in mid range, and 725 to 900 in point-blank fire.

Plasma Rifle

  • Only dps weapon I found useful in long range, it does 45–55 dps.

Movement and Envirement

All six arenas have simmilar design: two portals on the both farsides of the map and middle intersection.

To avoid being hit you need to use monkey-bars, jump platforms — because while in mid air, most ai demons can’t hurt you, and it’s easier to attack player-demons from above.

Portals good to blank opponents or to escape from cornering, demons can’t use them.

Official Battlemode Overview

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