Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Achieving Stonks in Bannerlord by Bullying Caravans

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Welcome to my early game Bannerlord Guide. Follow this and you will be racking some good money in no time.

An Introduction

In Bannerlord, there are many factions to join and conquer. Because of that, there are also an ungodly amount of caravans. What I have found is that caravans in Bannerlord are also even more profitable than Warband. They have a great amount of trading goods that can be sold in mass for big stonks, they have higher tier troops that sell well as prisoners, they drop a large amount of horses that increase your speed and weight cap in their loot, and they also have a better chance of giving you higher tier gear.

The Setup

To be able to achieve the strategy I’m going to give you, you must fulfill these prerequisites.

  • You must have around 30-40 mid tier units. If you have too many, you won’t be able to catch the caravans. It helps to have less units than the caravans or you will be chasing them across the world. If you have any fewer, it may be difficult for you to defeat them. The caravans I have encountered so far have all had 35-40 units.
  • You must either be at least be a little skilled in combat and soloing or be playing on a lower difficulty so that you don’t get killed due to the numbers disadvantage.
  • A little patience. (Because of the crashes, not how long it takes.)

The Strategy

After preparing, the next step is the final one. It’s time to bully some caravans. Follow these tips and strategies in order to catch them easier.

1. Choosing an enemy: The nation whose caravans you choose to harass will declare war on you immediately after. So I advise that you become a mercenary or vassal to a nation and choose the nations that are at war with them. After choosing your target nation, figure out who they are allied with or not fighting. This information will be useful later on.

2(A). Waiting for them at the front door: It is a bit stupid to roam around the nation in search of caravans, especially with how fast they are in Bannerlord. Let them come to you. Wait at the border between your target country and one of their allies, preferably on a bridge between two cities. The caravans will come to you because you are now sitting in the middle of their route. This makes it much easier to find them.

Bonus Tip: Cities in Bannerlord are constructed in a way that truly screws over caravans. Instead of just riding up you any side of the city like in Warband, you now have to enter and exit through the entrance point of the city. That means that if you see a fast caravan go into a city, then you can just wait at the entrance and ambush them as soon as they come out.

The Stonks

In only one really good caravan raid, this was my rough profit. ( Don’t remember exactly.)

  • Around 5,000 denars worth of goods.
  • Tier 6 chainmail armor.
  • An ungodly amount of horses that (I’m pretty sure) increase your party’s speed and also your weight cap.
  • Around 1,200 denars worth of prisoners.
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