Kingdom Two Crowns – Comprehensive Catapults Guide

Guide to Catapults

What Are Catapults

Catapults are a weapon used to defend the kingdom. They are unlocked after you unlock the stone mine, and have a stone wall far enough from the town centre.

Quick Facts

  • You get the catapult from the siege workshop. They cost 6 coins.
  • You are limited to 1 catapult per side.
  • They cannot be used to attack portals.
  • Catapults are operated by 1-2 builders, who will remain by the catapult permanently once assigned to it.
  • Catapults have 4HP, so if the wall the catapult is defending is destroyed, it will be destroyed as well.

To have a better understanding of this guide, here are all the stats for the types of greed.


  • Health – 1
  • Damage (per hit) – 1

Masked Greedling

  • Health – 2-4
  • Damage (per hit) – 1


  • Health – 12
  • Damage (per hit) – Abducts 2 villagers


  • Health – 85
  • Damage (per hit) – 22

Crown Stealer    

  • Health – 8
  • Damage (per hit) – Hits monarch and lose crown



Boulders are the catapult’s default method of attack. Boulders do 12 damage, and break on impact, causing a minor splash effect, but this leaves boulder pieces on the ground, which can be picked up and thrown by breeders.

Flame Barrels

Flame barrels are an additional ammunition added in Kingdom Two Crowns. They are unlocked when you unlock the stone castle keep. They can be purchased at the siege workshop for 5 coins each, and can stack. The most flame barrels the game shows by the catapult is 6, however you can have an unlimited amount.

The barrel causes a flammable liquid to splash, setting greed that walk through it on fire. The fire causes damage every second. Greedlings and masked greedlings die in 1-3 seconds of infliction. Breeders and crown stealers take significant damage from fire.

Pros & Cons


  • Boulders do x10 more damage than an archer (up to 12HP damage).
  • Can do damage widespread when the boulder hits the ground.
  • 1-hit kill greedlings, crown stealers and sometimes floaters.
  • Flame barrels set greed on fire permanently.


  • Uses 1-2 builders permanently.
  • Costs 9-12 gold (Catapult 6 gold, 1-2 builders 3-6 gold).
  • Fire barrels are expensive and hard to have a constant supply of until you have a very efficient source of income.
  • If the wall is destroyed catapult is going to be destroyed (can’t be pulled back).
  • Boulders can be thrown back by breeders.
  • Lack of accuracy.
  • Can damage the wall if it hits it.
  • A thrown back boulder can wipe out or disrupt all your archers. It can also destroy the catapult.This really has to be emphasised, because a thrown back boulder can cause serious damage.

How to Use

This section is opinion-based, but many players share this strategy)

Early game, just using boulders is alright since the waves of greed aren’t too aggressive, but once breeders start attacking during blood moons, you should invest in flame barrels, since they do significant damage to all ground enemies. Once you start entering late game, you should only use flame barrels, since breeders can throw back boulders and even a direct hit with a boulder will only take about 1/7 of a breeders health.

Fire also does constant damage and the greed will stay on fire until they die. This is why it’s so helpful against breeders and crown stealers. Crown stealers are faster than the fastest mounts in the game, so they are the largest threat to the crown. If they are set on fire, they will most likely die before they can reach you.

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