Kingdom Two Crowns – How to Get the Gold Rank (Tips and Tricks)

Getting the Gold Rank

What to buy and when

  • Don’t buy iron tech at all. It’s a waste.
  • Buy stone tech on island 3 or 4 and only once.
  • On island 5 is the only island you should get a stone castle to get 3 squires, so that you have archers to defend your kingdom on the next / harder islands. (make sure to have 12 archers available for the squires. Also make sure you have 4 extra for the boat).
  • Never buy upgrades for the town only ever light the fire (unless its island 5).
  • Get 3 builders and 4 archers as soon as possible as this is your boat crew (later the squires and their archers will join your boat crew).
  • For the first few islands you will only need the level 2 walls or wood walls(build only one on each side and build them where you would get free walls, this makes it easier for you to defend both sides with the wolf’s attack).
  • Only grab a handful of vagrants on each land.
  • Invest any coin you can into the boat as soon as possible, it takes about 3 full coin bags (give or take a few) to finish the boat.
  • Every new island (except for the first) the 2 vagrants at the Town should be archers.

Timing and what to do and when

  • Right after the greed attack, go out to hunt deer.
  • You should be off an island within 5 days (unless island 5).
  • You’re screwed when winter comes so you have 48 days to make it to 10 lands (your lifeline is coins).
  • Make sure your coin bag is full before leaving for the next island.
  • Only attack the greed if there are no more coming, and they are all bunched at the wall.
  • Last but not least, stay in the walls at night because the moment the greed touch the pup you’re dead.

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