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How to Prevent Bugs


Drug Dealer Simulator has some bugs, and they are reported X time per day/per hour. I’m creating this guide to avoid further useless communications between players and the devs.

First and Foremost

Save often

  • The most efficient pain-reliever in buggy games.
  • Save like auto saves: keep saving 1-2-3-4-5 then back to 1-2-3-4-5 so you always have 4 previous saves and can find a stable save before your bug.

Items Get Stucked

Under workstations

  • Care not to accidentally drop your products on your workstation (on the edges) where it could fall off and land under the workstation.
  • Otherwise you’ll have to remove anything from jars etc. before removing every equipment which allows you finally to remove the workstation to get to the item.

Through walls

  • If dropped standing touching the wall, the item could be landing the other side on an invisible floor (if you are on the top floor, your item could hang in the air, outside).

Where you can’t be/go

  • Invisible obstacles could be a huge box or a plane or “wall”. These invisible obstacles, in levels/world mapping, are for optimisation and performance of game-play.
  • So if you found one, just don’t take the risk to overshoot or undershoot over a fence/wall, which has an obstacle on a the other-side your bag could land on.

Drop Off Message and Blip Stuck

If you tried to separately order multiple supplies for easier travel in one go, you might also have ordered the exact same amount which means it will take the exact same time for delivery. And you get both orders in the same drop off. Getting all the packages will only remove (1 or more) drop(s) but keep (for ever) the last one (message and the blip).

So, just space your orders (1-2 min may be enough).

Order Packages Too Big to Carry

You know how your bag and packets can be too small to fit or carry stuff!

Now imagine yourself not being able to carry 1 package of 1kg (1000g), that would suck.

So just don’t order that big, you will break that brick and cut that ♥♥♥ anyway!

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