Stardew Valley – Introduction Quest: Greet 28 People

This guide is to help those new to the game find the characters they are looking for. This game is very detailed and fun. Each character is complex in their own ways and have their own daily schedules! So here are some helpful tips on where you could find who and where!

Introduction Quest Guide


I am not going to lie, finding all the 28 people you need to introduce yourself to in the beginning is a bit of a mission.

It took me 3 days to find all of them because they were out and about, or locked in their rooms, etc. Also just a reminder that on each day of the week they have different schedules or plans, which makes them harder to locate!

I was sitting on 27/28 and the last one was hiding somewhere!

Who and Where?

If you look at the social tab (Press E to look into your inventory to find the tab) you will see the names of the people you have already greeted.

There will be some characters with a “???” as their name, which means that you haven’t found them yet.

Now, I am new to the game, but I have explored the entire map and I am 100% sure for now, that there are 29 in-game characters, plus your character, which totals 30 people.

You only need to find 28 to complete the introduction quest.

So here is the list of in-game characters and their names that I have compiled for you to see, as well as their possible locations.

Pierre’s General Store

You can find the following characters:

  1. Abigail
  2. Caroline (she works here)
  3. Pierre (for obvious reasons)


You can find the following in/around their homes (they really like to walk around):

  1. Alex (he gyms in his room but he will come out and walk about – its about catching the timing to greet him)
  2. Elliot (he lives in the cabin on the beach – just before the pier. He moves around a lot, but you can sometimes find him at Pierre’s browsing around)
  3. Emily (SW of the village usually)
  4. Haley (On the beach or at home with Emily – they live together I think?)
  5. Evelyn (in her home, ME approx location)
  6. George (with Evelyn – married?)
  7. Jodi (SW of the town kind of)
  8. Lewis (Our favourite Mayor – he’s pretty much in the centre. There should be a truck next to his place.)
  9. Linus (Santa Claus looking dude living in a tent up far north)
  10. Marnie (Lives below your character on a ranch)
  11. Pam (trailer lady)

The Saloon

You can find the following here:

Pam (sometimes she chills in here if not in the trailer – but that’s usually in the evening though)

  1. Shane (works in the evening – during the day he’s out and about or locked in his room)
  2. Sebastian (this mf is hard to find – but on lonely nights he’s here with Abigail)

Abigail – for obvious reasons above

  1. Gus (the owner)

JoJo Mart (no one really comes inside but this is just below the mart)

  1. Clint (he isn’t in here but he’s just below I think – in his workshop)
  2. Robin (carpenter in the north near here but if not I apologise, I have the memory of a goldfish)
  3. Sam (works at JoJo)
  4. Demetrius (also next to Robin – somewhere up north above JoJo)
  5. Maru (usually with Demetrius but often walks around during the day)

No Idea how to title this

The odd ones:

  1. Harvey (owns the clinic next to Pierre’s shop)
  2. Jas (in the east studying at the museum usually)
  3. Leah (like most lonely and sad miserable people, is at the bar most nights. 100% relatable tho)
  4. Penny (in the library – reads to kids)
  5. Vincent (At the museum, but reading books instead of studying smh)
  6. Willy (An interesting name, innit? He’s on the pier, owns the fish shop, usually fishing)
  7. The Wizard… (He’s locked up in his tower in the far SW. Hidden away from others. What a vibe!)

And, yeah! That’s all.

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