The Hunter: Call of the Wild – Bison and Buffalo Hunting Guide

If you want to play like Rambo, love to run, scaring animal, don’t care about diamonds, doesn’t care about being loud and just want to kill a lot. Then this playstyle might suit you.

This playstyle will only work for slow-moving animal especially the big one (Bisons and Buffalos but not Lions) and definitely will not work to fast-moving animals (E.G: The deers).

Animal / Map / Weapon

Target animal:

European Bisons (usually in the middle part and the western part of the map).

Plains Bison (usually in the middle part of the map).

Water Buffalo (usually in the eastern part of the map).

Cape Buffalo (usually in the northern part of the map).

Suggested map:

Hirschfelden, because it is very hilly and rocky with dense forest. What used to be your weakness now becomes your strength. The animal will eventually fear your presence, so some animals due to panic, will “stuck” between the rocks or the trees, and when they are stuck just kill them with your weapon of choice

Suggested weapon:

Any class 9 rifle preferably .300 Canning Magnum with polymer bullet (since you will be shooting several lv 9 animals in quick succession) and a sub-weapon. You could choose between:

Shotgun: Miller Model 1891 10ga Lever Action Shotgun with the brass slug.

Handgun: Rhino 454 with Flat Nose Hard-Cast.

Rifle: King 470DB with Full Metal Jacket

All three are extremely deadly in short-range, but I understand that the Rhino and the King might take some time to be opened. So, if you want to play right away I would suggest you get the Smoking Barrels Weapon Pack to get the shotgun.

Alternatively: You could bring several Class 9 rifles (.338, 7mm, 45-70, drilling) if you don’t have the weapons mentioned above, but I personally think its a waste of weight.

How to Do It

  • Find Bison or Buffalo herd.
  • Make sure you are quite near to them (~150 m would be just fine).
  • Use your binoculars and find the highest level animal there.
  • Shoot it.
  • Whatever happened to that animal you just shoot. Shoot ANOTHER ANIMAL that in the same herd. Each bison/buffalo gets 1 bullet each.
  • When they start running, you start running too.
  • Keep running until you meet them.
  • Eventually you will catch up to them since they are slow.
  • Shoot them once again, again 1 animal/1 bullet or if you are sure that you never hit that animal you can shoot it twice with the sub-weapon of your choice.
  • Rinse and repeat.

It’s way faster than waiting for them to come back to the nearest zone (since no caller will work), plus it’s more fun and exciting (at least for me).

Works even better if you are playing in multiplayer with your friends (the more the merrier), especially if you surrounded them

You could also use the ATV to pursue them if you like, after the 1st phase you open the tent and jump to your ATV and pursue the herds. You could also ready the ATV right next to you before you start shooting.

Do it right and your map will look like this:


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