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The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Animal Location Maps (Updated)

Written by DownhillDom   /   May 14, 2020    

In the following chapters you can find completely new crafted Animal Location Maps for all reserves. The maps have been put together of 32 images each, so the resolution is as high as possible before needzones on the map are being displayed ingame. All outposts, high stands, ground blinds and points of interest have been discovered plus there are a lot of positions with tents and tripods of my own maps.

Animal positions have been taken from their needzones on my maps, so they may vary a little to yours, but the tendency is as accurate as possible.

Animal Location Maps


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Layton Lake District

Medved Taiga Nationalpark 

Vurhonga Savanna 

Parque Fernando 

Yukon Valley 

Cuatro Colinas 

Written by DownhillDom.