Omori – How to Solve Three Color Puzzles (Laboratory Inside the Whale’s Belly)

The guide to the three puzzles in the laboratory inside the whale’s belly. Warning! The guide contains some spoilers.

Omori Puzzle Guide

After you reach in the laboratory inside the whale’s belly, you will find an area with three puzzles to solve. Below is the resolution of each color puzzle.

Blue Puzzle

Blue puzzle – Easy

The puzzle is only released to be solved after going down the stairs below this area and entering the blue teleport.

Below is the image of the puzzle resolution.

Green Puzzle

Green puzzle – Medium

This puzzle needs a password, after you doing to the green teleport, you are sent to a maze that takes up to four whale beings. Each of them has a letter on the back, which corresponds to “O-B-O-M”. The order is incorrect tho.

Below is the image of the puzzle resolution.

Red Puzzle

Red puzzle – Hard

The last puzzle is a memorizing puzzle. To solve this puzzle, you need to count your enemies to go through the puzzle and observe the color of the water falling in the background.

The correct order of teleports is:

  • Up – Right – Left – Up

Below is the images of the puzzle resolution and the teleports.

Useful Tips

Humphrey Fight

  • If your team takes too much damage, make them Sad and make Humphrey Happy.
  • Phase 2, use Aubrey’s Counter and Hero’s Cook on Aubrey. Kel or Omori restores their Juice as needed.
  • Phase 3, use Hero’s Snack Time every turn and Release Energy when possible. If you don’t have Snack Time, you can go back to Junkyard and obtain it where you chased Rosa around or substitute it with Heart Snacks that apply to all team members.
  • Utilize Trick, Smile, and Power Hit debuffs every phase. Smile and Power Hit can be used up to three times while Trick only needs to be used once and while Humphrey is Happy.
  • Buy Heart and Juice Snacks that apply to all team members from the Mailbox at Last Resort if you don’t have any.
  • If you don’t have Toys that inflict Emotion and don’t want to spend 4 turns using Omori’s Sad Poem to inflict Sad on teammates, you can buy Rain Cloud from Party Jash in Ghost Party.

Jawsum Fight

Focus on keeping everyone alive while picking at the gaters health whenever possible until you have 10 energy, then get everyone to use there strongest attacks exceot omori. Get omori to Unleash energy which should clear the board of the gaters and the rest of the party should do a decent chunk of damage to Jawsum. Then repeat that until you win.

Bread Slice

Not to far in the game, Omori acquires the move “Bread Slice”, which if it finishes off a foe, it give your bread, which is an snack that heals for 60hp. This move is great since you could use it to finish off weak foes like bunnys and UFOs. Not only you get XP, and clams, but a really nice healing item. Its worth 10 juice though to use, so make sure you have some juice in your pocket.

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  1. i still dont understand the red puzzle… so what is the number of enemies for if you cant go from either highest to lowest or lowest to highest…?

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