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The Long Dark - Hare Hunting Guide (How to Farm Rabbit Skin)

Written by [死亡] Doctor   /   May 28, 2020    

This guide will show how to easily farm rabbit skin.

Guide to Easily Farm Rabbit Skin


The scope is on the fold of the thumb. Depending on the distance to the target, the vertical position of the sight may change. Keep this in mind when knocking out achievements.


If you want to eat or need skins for warm mittens. You can hunt rabbits with stones. But it’s not so easy, right? And it’s a pity to spend ammunition, or simply there is no gun and / or ammunition.

To successfully catch and kill the hares, it is enough to have 2-3 stones in the inventory = 0.5-0.75 kg (more can be).

2 required, and 3 (s) in case of a miss.

Throwing stones is better sitting. Since the hare is blind, he will run closer to you.

The first stone should fly away for a hare - (Then it will run in your direction).

The second stone should fly ahead of the hare (a little further along the trajectory of its movement).

If you are lucky and you stunned him, then you have 5 seconds to run up to him and turn his neck to let go of such a cute fluffy cute little hare.

If no luck, then repeat until successful.

When creating this guide, not a single hare was probably hurt.

Ps. I'm also not happy with this brutal rabbit killing scene.


I know that the method is quite difficult, but it is effective. I thus caught up to 6 birds with one stone using only 2 stones. You only need to fill your hand.

Written by [死亡] Doctor.

Game:   The Long Dark