BarnFinders – All Items and Collectibles (Level 5 / Otis’ Ranch)

Level 5 / Auntie Otis’ Ranch – Items

Story Related Items

At the start of the map, when you go to the big house, you need to unlock the door, and the key is under the carpet:

Next key can be found in the 2nd floor, in the 2nd room, in the white cabinet:

Big house basement: if you go around the big house you will see a basement entrance, you just break the lock with your axe, go down, jump on the box, and turn off the electricity:

Once you get to the 2nd island you need to find 3 parts of a totem, you can get the 1st piece by walking down the path to the left and sticking to it, you will see a chest, which you have to unlock and inside will be your 1st totem part:

To find the 2nd totem part, you have to walk down the left path a bit more untill you reach a stone pathway, which is to the right, you go on it untill you see a hole covered in vines, you break the vines and you will see the totem piece in the box inside:

To find the 3rd piece, you stick to the same normal path and you will see a cave to your right, you need to enter it, look up and you will see a totem above you:

Then you go back and place all the totem parts down and you enter the big cave, where you just parkour across and you now have your mission item


1, 2, 3. – In the living room of the big house you can find a globe(Other world), keyboard(Lemon magic) and a vase(Black Sea):

4, 5. – In the same room you can find a plant status and a chair (Jacobean wood):

6. – You can find a fertility mask inside a container under the stairs:

7. – You can find a 9 fingers knife set on the kitchen counter:

8. – In the bathroom, you can find a washing machine:

9. – On the 2nd floor in the 1st room to the left you can find a globe (Planet ameryka):

10. – In the 2nd floor hallway, you can find a painting (A stinky house) behind some trash:

11. – On the 2nd floor, in the 2nd room to the left you can find my ball in a closet:

12, 13. – If you go around the house you can enter a basement, where you just have to break the lock with your axe, jump on the cardboard box and turn off the electricity, then you can grab 2 more items – A vase (Golden destiny) and a film roll (Bobek tapes):

14. – If you go all the way right on the 1st island, you can find a circus base:

15, 16. – On the dock, near sebastian, you can find a fishing pole (Ducky spin) and a chair (Roydaver chair):

17. In the boathouse, on the 2nd floor, behind some trash, you can find a blue joystick:

18. – 2nd island —– When walking down the left path, taking a right from the totem pole, you can see 2 tents, after which you can find a small hole with a vase (Perfect day).

19. – Frog fire – can be dug up in the start of the big cave, doesn’t count as progress:

20. – Warriors mask – can be dug up, left of the big cave, doesn’t count as progress:

21. – Rubek locator (Main mission item) can be found in the middle of the big cave:

22. – The ostrich (axe) can be found behind the waterfall in the big cave:

23. – James Fuerte (hat), can be found on the lever switch, where you exit the big cave:

Level 5 / Auntie Otis’ Ranch – Collectibles

To get the golden toilet paper you have to get into the big house and open the 1st door on the 2nd floor, where there are 2 windows – 1 normal and 1 boarded, you can break the boarded window, crouch through the window and get up on the roof and get the golden TP:


Poster 1 – Can be found on the 2nd floor of the boathouse, behind some trash:

Moonshine – Gives you a poster, can be found on the balcony of the boathouse, on a table:

Wall skin – Can be found on the 1st floor of the boathouse, in a corner:

Floor skin and comic book page Nr.2 – Can be found on the 2nd island, walking from the pole straight, to 2 tents, where in each is a floor skin and 1 comic book page Nr.2:

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