BarnFinders – All Items and Collectibles (Level 11 / Lumber Mill Barn)

Level 11 / Lumber Mill Barn – Items

Story related items

So when you start the mission, you gotta buy the barn and then you can enter it, first thing you can do is break some boxes right from the main entrance and you will find a room, where you can find a key inside, which unlocks another door to the basement:

All you gotta do now is click on the electric spark and enter the ship, then you can just go in a straight line to the main objective, which is to give the aliens their moonshine, and after that you need to find the mission item, which is on the left side door in the 2nd room, all the way down and to the other side of the room, up a ladder, and you will find it on a table:


1. You can find my ball in the backside, outside the barn:

2. 202 Tasio, can be found in the room right from the main entrance, on a table:

3. VU TV, found on the 2nd floor of the barn, on a shelf:

4. The final dance(painting), can be found in the basement, on a shelf:

5. The Ship: The sabertooth(sword), is found in the spaceship, 1st room, right side in a closet:

6. Joe manure, found on the left side of the 2nd room:

7. Blues crow(guitar) found by an alien in the middle top part of the 2nd room:

8. Iron arden, found on the right middle side in the 2nd room:

9. The mad dog(axe), found on a shelf on the right side in the 2nd room:

10. XT 100 guy, found on a shelf in the left side room in the 2nd room, at the end of the hallway:

11. KJ 30 laptop – found on a table in the 3rd room:

12, 13. – Einner radio and Pony 14(tv) – found in the 3rd room, one on the shelf, one on a table:

14. Hellstorm tanks – found in the 3rd room on a table:

15. H.Ted found in the 3rd room on a shelf:

16. Car – space ship – found in the middle of the 3rd room:

17. Dimension slicer (main objective) – found in the 3rd room, up a ladder, on a table:

Level 11 / Lumber Mill Barn – Collectibles

The golden toilet paper is located in the barn, to get to it you need to parkour up to a plank and then up to the toilet paper, to do this you can jump on the already arranged boxes on the 2nd floor or if you’ve destroyed them, you can just jump from the shelf:


Wall skin – found in a container, behind the barn:

Floor skin – found in the ship, on the top right side of the 2nd room, near a pillar:

Comic book page Nr.4 – found in the disco room, behind the table:

Poster- found in the 3rd room, behind a shelf where you found the radio:

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