BarnFinders – All Items and Collectibles (Level 12 / Knuckle’s Barn)

Level 12 / Knuckle’s Barn – Items

To progress the story you first need to lockpick the main barn door, then you can go to the right, open the sliding door and you will see a key in the pigs mouth:

Then you can open the door to the right of the pigs room, and go up and get the vacation tickets:

Then you can go outside, go to the lake, jump over to the furthest platform, break the ice and get the thicc boi:


1. Ornolf horns – can be dug up, right side of the barn, doesn’t count as progress:

2, 3. – Tony bunny and party maker(keg) can be found on the left side of the barn behind some trash:

4. Super mantanza (candelabra), can be found on the shelf in the middle of the barn, behind some trash:

5, 6, 7, 8. – Jack 7 (front bumper), 2 tires (Levy benz) and sugar rush (car) on the right side of the barn:

9. The ostrich (axe), can be found in the right side of the barn behind the sliding door room with the pig, on a box:

10. Pet family can be found in the same room ,behind some trash:

11, 12, 13. – Death ray cannon, shirley love and vacation tickets, on the 2nd floor of the barn, up the ladder:

14. Einner radio, on the 2nd floor, inside the locked container:

15. Gunmental rzx – can be found on the 2nd floor:

16. Dark knight. found on the left side behind the sliding door, can jump in from the outside:

17. Thicc boi (corgi)(main objective) – found on the furthest platform in the lake, under some ice:

Level 12 / Knuckle’s Barn – Collectibles

To get the golden toilet paper, you first need to get 3 keys – a red one, a blue one and a silver one, of which you can find the red one on the roof, besides the dancing alien, inside a box:

You can find the silver key inside the snowman, outside:

And you can find the blue key on a dead body on one of the lake platforms:

Then you gotta jump down the well, insert all the keys in the container and you got it:


Wall skin can be found behind the blue box inside the barn:

Floor skin can be found on the 2nd floor of the barn, behind some trash:

Comic book page Nr. 10 can be found inside one of the bathrooms outside:

The poster needs some tricky parkour, so i will include a video on this one:

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