BarnFinders – All Items and Collectibles (Level 10 / The Moon)

Level 10 / The Moon – Items

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Story Related Items

At the start, you have to turn off an alarm with a switch found on the pillar:

Then you can press a button to go either up or down:

After you get to the 2nd floor, you need to find keys to get into the kitchen, which are located in a clostet, flip a switch and then you can go to agent agent’s office:

When you get to his office, you can find a keycard under some trash on the table, which you then put in the scanner and then it opens the water pump staion door:

Then you go into the water pump station and flip switches, if you can’t get all of them green, then try to get all the switches to the start position which is this:

Then you can switch the levers in this order : 1 3 5 3 4 5 :

After you get the water pumps done, you go outside the room and go into the next pipe, on the same floor, in the middle, then you go down it and you will find the taste station, where you need to put 3 ingredients in the right tanks, and then it’s done:

After this you can go back to the moonshine door and then you gotta do this puzzle:

You just flip the switch so it stays in the middle, while pressing the button, which is said and shown on the screen, when you’re done you will see the moonshine, you can grab it and leave:

Note – There is a small area in the 2nd floor, where you can get up with some tricky parkour, but all you will find up there is some tables, chairs and some trash:


1, 2, 3, 4. – 1 Yellow gut (helm) , 2 Blue X (helm) and 1 Iron arden:

5. 1 more yellow gut(helm) outside the container, between cement and boxes:

6. Electrip cooker – Found in the kitchen:

7. Black savior – Found on the counter in the kitchen:

8. Juice me machine found outside the kitchen:

9. 3TPU chair, found inside agent agent’s office:

10. Another Iron arden opposite of agent agent’s office:

11, 12. – Death ray tank in the closet and a Kosmo suit in the middle:

13, 14. – 3TPU chair and KJ30 laptop, in the VIP AREA A living room:

15, 16, 17. – Milky Ocean(vase), Whitehil table and The legalizer(plant) in the VIP AREA A:

18. – Johnler flush – In the VIP AREA A toilet:

19. – Green medicine(plant) – In the VIP AREA A bedroom:

20. – Hellstorm Trigger – In the water pump staion on a shelf:

21. – Another Johnler flush in the VIP AREA B toilet:

22. – Guindong lamp in the VIP AREA B bedroom:

23, 24, 25. – Alpha eye (tv), black sugar(table) and light bright (lamp) in the VIP AREA B living room:

26. – Tony bunny – can be dug up on the 3rd floor, doesn’t count as progress:

27. – Jessica – Can be dug up on the 3rd floor, doesn’t count as progress:

28. Priest of Jayna – Found on the 3rd floor, on a table:

29. Moonshine ( Mission item) found in the moonshine section of the map, after you’ve brewed it:

Level 10 / The Moon – Collectibles

You can get the golden tp on the 3rd floor, where there are already boxes set up, on which you can jump on and get across and get it:


Wall skin – can be found in the container at the start of the level:

Poster 1 – Agent agent’s office on the table:

Floor skin – can be found in the VIP AREA 1 in the living room:

Comic book page Nr.3 – can be found on the 3rd floor under a bench:

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