Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Complete Achievement Guide (Scandinavia DLC)

A solution for the 8 achievements of the DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Scandinavia DLC


This guide spoils you a lot of information and make it easy to get the seven achievements very quick. So if you want to discover it by yourself, go leave this guide immediatly!

Maybe some names of cities are incorrect, because I just copied the names from my german guide and didn’t translated them. So sorry!

Tip in advance: Go and copy the following lists into a document and after every successful ride delete the cargo or route you`ve driven or mark it with another color. So you dont have to do the same cargo/route twice.


Travel across the Øresund Bridge between København and Malmö

Just cross the bridge:

Cattle Drive

Complete a livestock delivery.

All you have to do is do deliver some cargo of “Live Cattle” to one of the scandinavian countries. The company offering this cargo is called “Aria”:


Complete delivery jobs to all quarries in Scandinavia

There are seven quarries in two countries: Norway and Sweden and they have different recipients!

Sweden – Nordic Steinbrott:

Jönköping – Kalmar – Vaxjö


Norway – MS Stein:





Deliver yachts to all Scandinavian marinas.

There are three marinas at Scandinavia and the best way to do this, is to search fo “Yacht”. The locations:

  • Esbjerg (Denmark).
  • Oslo (Norway).
  • Stockholm (Sweden).

Attention: For this achievement you also need the “High Power Cargo Pack”!

Scania Trucks Lover

Deliver truck cargo from Scania factory to a Scania truck dealer.

You need to deliver cargo from the factory. Its located in the south of Södertälje:


Discover all Scandinavian cities.

There are 26 cities you have to discover:

  1. Aalborg (Denmark).
  2. Bergen (Norwaq).
  3. Esberg (Denmark).
  4. Frederikshavn (Denmark).
  5. Gedser (Denmark).
  6. Göteborg (Sweden).
  7. Helsingborg (Sweden).
  8. Hirtshals (Denmark).
  9. Jönköping (Sweden).
  10. Kalmar (Sweden).
  11. Karlskrona (Sweden).
  12. Kopenhagen (Denmark).
  13. Kristiansand (Norway).
  14. Linköping (Sweden).
  15. Malmö (Sweden).
  16. Nynäshamn (Sweden).
  17. Odense (Denmark).
  18. Örebro (Sweden).
  19. Oslo (Norway).
  20. Södertälje (Sweden).
  21. Stavanger (Sweden).
  22. Stockholm (Sweden).
  23. Trelleborg (Sweden).
  24. Uppsala (Sweden).
  25. Västeras (Sweden).
  26. Växjö (Sweden).

Volvo Trucks Lover

Deliver truck cargo from Volvo Trucks factory to a Volvo truck dealer.

You need to deliver cargro from the factory. Its located north of Göteborg:

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Deliver cargo to all container ports.

There are 12 container ports and the company you have to deliver to is called “Polaris Lines”.

  • Esberg (Denmark).
  • Frederikshaven (Denmark).
  • Gedser (Denmark).
  • Hirtshals (Denmark).
  • Bergen (Norway).
  • Kristiansand (Norway).
  • Oslo (Norway).
  • Stavanger (Norway).
  • Göteborg (Sweden).
  • Karlskrona (Sweden).
  • Nynäshamn (Sweden).
  • Trelleborg (Sweden).

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