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Survivalist: Invisible Strain - Zombie Guide

Written by Red riding hood the third   /   Jul 16, 2020    

All different zombie types.

Zombie Encyclopedia

Green Zombie

Green Strain Zombies are the weakest of their type. Oftentimes overwhelmed after getting their legs crippled, their only advantage in battle will be their numberadvantage. The green infection they can inflict takes the longest to take effect and can be cured. Appearance wise they have a greenish hue with green eyeballs and black pupils.

Blue Zombie

Blue Strain Zombies are slighty stronger then green zombies but not by much. Similiar their only advantage is in numbers but can be kited to some extend. The blue infection they can inflict takes less time to take effect but it has a cure which is quite common to procure. Appearance wise they have a bluish hue with blue eyeballs and black pupils.

Red Zombie

Red Strain Zombies can be a challenge and mostly a game over for new players. Their red infection can be cured but due to the short time needed to take effect there will be barely enough time to use the antigen in time. In addition the red antigen is quite rare to find in merchants or houses. Appearance wise they have a reddish hue with red eyeballs and black pupils.

White Zombie

White Strain Zombies are the real deal and even experienced players can lose against one. If you happen to play for 100 days you might notice that the majority of the map is overtaken by white zombies. That is due to raiders and refugees often lose to white zombies which adds difficulty to late game. There exists no cure to the white infection and neither does one have enough time to react once they do get infected. Caution is advised when white zombies are nearby. Appearance wise they have something similiar to grey skin with white eyeballs and black pupils.

Invisible Strain Zombie

Invisible Strain Zombies are the bane of any big settlements. Not much is known about invisible strain zombies except in hearsay and would be survivors from perished bases. They can disguise themselves as humans and keep their healthy skin until they decide to overthrow their leader. If you happen to hear growling in your base and see random injuries on survivors inside your base mostly means the invisible strain already infiltrated your base. Appearance wise they have similiar grey skin like white strain but they keep their human eyeballs. If they're undercover they keep their human colours.

Invisible Strain Zombie Undercover

Confirmed Invisble Strain Zombie going undercover. There are no physcial changes upon infection and thus is very difficult to tell the difference unless they start groaning. Appearance wise they're identical to humans.

Infections and Antigens


Getting bitten by zombies, consuming zombie meat or eating food made from an contaminated cooking pot will result in an infection. There exist 5 possible infections with different time needed to turn into a zombie.

(Left to right: Green Infection, Blue Infection, Red Infection, White Infection, Invisible Infection).


You will come across antigens for specific zombie types.

The green antigen together with the blue antigen are the most common and you should have enough time to pick one up from your cabin and cure yourself.

The red antigen is the rarest of the antigens and in turn the most expensive. The biggest negative is the short time until one turns into a zombie. Most of the time you wont be able to apply the antigen during battle.

Zombie Swarms

As the name implies zombie swarms are a cluster of zombies grouping together. Their main target will always be your base so be prepared to deal with them accordingly. Swarms can appear in a group of 3 and above but otherwise they behave the same as ordinary zombies. They're most commonly recognized by the map icon which differs from the ordinary skull symbol.

(From Left to right: Green Swarm, Blue Swarm, Red Swarm, White Swarm).

(From left to right:Green Skull, Blue Skull, Red Skull, White Skull, Invisible Skull).