War Thunder – Basic Tank Tips and Tricks

This guide is a collection of basic tips and tricks to make your tank experience more enjoyable.

Useful Tank Tips

Tip #1: Look both ways before crossing

Don’t blindly travel around without care. Use the minimap! The minimap is a life saver, because it reveals enemies within line of sight of other players and thus shows you where they are as long as someone sees them. If you see a red rectangle on the minimap getting closer to your player marker, look in that direction, you might get the jump on him.

Also, hold “B” to use binoculars! it gives you a better view of the battlefield without moving the tank!

Be sure to also check corners before going out in the open, it could save your tank.

Tip #2: You are not a boat, don’t broadside

Never show your side to the enemy tanks, it is usually the weakest part of any ground vehicle.

Tip #3: Know your role

Tanks (light, medium and heavy) are designed to go into battle and do most of the heavy lifting for your team.

Tank Destroyers are designed to stay away from the front lines and ambush enemies from long distance and close range depending on the size of your caliber. Never lead the charge as a tank destroyer. Move with your team, just out of sight, and strike from the shadows.

Anti-Air are designed to watch the skies and defend the team from aircraft. Move in behind your team and guard the airspace above them. They will appreciate it.

Tip #4: Know your ammo

Tip #5: Where do I shoot

Target flat surfaces on enemy tanks to easily penetrate their armor.

Aim for the crease between the tank’s turret and the tank’s body to eliminate its ability to shoot at you.

Aim for the back of the tank to set it on fire! That is usually where the engine is!

Most importantly, never trust the crosshairs in Arcade battles, because your shots will have a different trajectory every time. Fire where you believe the round will go.

Tip #6: Learn from your mistakes

This is the most important lesson!

The more you get destroyed, the better you’ll get at the game, because failure is the best teacher of them all.

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