Slime Rancher – The Hunter Has Become… The Other Thing

Achievement Guide.
I tried to make this as simple and easy to understand as possible, as such it may be a little fleshed out.


  • All of the Wilderness environments unlocked 
  • ‘The Lab’ Ranch Expansion (10000 newbucks to unlock) 
  • Gordo Snare 
  • At least 1 Roostro

Step #1

Recommended: Reach 7Zee rank 20 (Endless Mountain I) – in total you’ll require 291,500 Newbucks to obtain this rank. This will give you the Master Gordo Snare.

Note: There are 3 types of snares: novice, advanced and master. Whilst you can technically obtain the Hunter Gordo though means of any snare, the Novice and Advanced snare’s only provide semi-random results. All snare’s still require ‘The Lab’ ranch expansion. The Master Gordo Snare is the only one which 100% guarantees the slime you wish to obtain, provided you place that slime’s favourite food within the snare.

Step #2

Craft the Master Gordo Snare at the ‘Fabricate Gadget’ station to the right of the refinery.

Crafting the Master Gordo Snare will require:

  • Hunter Plorts x20
  • Spiral Stream x10
  • Hexacomb x10
  • Slime Fossil x10

In order to obtain these materials you’ll have needed to of extracted the resources via use of:

  • Drill (placed in ‘The Indigo Quarry’ or ‘The Ancient Ruins’ for Slime Fossil)
  • Apiary (placed in ‘The Moss Blanket’ or ‘The Ancient Ruins’ for Hexacomb) 
  • Pump (placed in ‘The Dry Reef’ or ‘The Ancient Ruins’ for Spiral Stream)

For Hunter plorts, those can be found within ‘The Moss Blanket’ or ‘The Glass Desert’ or if you’ve placed them within your ranch.

Note: All crafting materials used for Slime Science need to be added to the ‘Refinery’, they cannot simply be within your inventory or sold to the Market.

Step #3

Place your snare (via ‘toggle mode’ – slime science tutorial would of covered this). I recommend you place it within your ranch for easy access.

Step #4

Place Roostro on Snare.

Step #5

Slime Rancher - The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing
Slime Rancher - The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing

Return to the house on your ranch and select “sleep until morning”.

Step #6

Return to the location of your snare and by then your achievement should of unlocked.

Slime Rancher - The Hunter Has Become... The Other Thing

Repeat previous steps if you chose to use either Novice or Advanced Snare/s and they did not produce the Hunter Gordo.

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