Killing Floor 2 – Free Vault Crates Guide

This guide explains how the vault works in Killing floor 2 for free crates.

How Vault Working for Free Crates


Killing floor features paid crates and keys but also has a free crate system from the vault.

For the free players basically.

Online Matches

Playing online matches and finishing them gives vault cash that will raise a bar towards a crate.

Takes only around 2-4 matches for a free vault crate.

What does this mean?

You can farm crates by just playing matches and having fun.


From the main menu click the ‘vault’ tab.

From the vault menu you can see your progress towards a free crate.

With enough vault cash earned a free crate will be given in the inventory section.

Simply go into the inventory and open the free crate!


  • Prepare for alot of dupe item skins.
  • You can get yellow rarity pretty often.
  • Each item has a quality condition.
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