Warframe – Ways to Earn Platinum

I’m sharing my ways to earn platinum in Warframe. It’s not that easy , or it might be easy for you. But I’m sure it will help you alot.

There are Ways to Earn Platinum

  • Syndicate.
  • Vault Runs.
  • Farming Prime Parts.
  • LoR (Law of Retribution).
  • Riven Mods.
  • Buy and Sell.
  • Buy Platinum using real Money (I don’t do this, but I still included it on the list. There will be an explanation for it).

First one is Syndicate

You have 6 syndicates. Steel meridian, arbiters, cephalon, perrin sequence, red veil, and new loka. And i think you’re only allowed to use 2 syndicates. My syndicates are Steel meridian and red veil. Well, what I basically do is, if I have free time. I farm syndicate points. Usually you get 3k-5k per mission on the syndicate mission list. Then, if you already maxed all of your syndicates, which is 132,000 per syndicate. You can sell them. But you can only sell archwing weapon parts, mods, weapon, & scenes.

This is my price on each of them:

  • Archwing Weapon Parts = 5p each
  • Mods= 10p-15p each
  • Weapon/s – Secondary = 25p/30p , Primary&Melee= 30p-35p
  • Scenes = I’m not really sure about the price, but i see traders sell it for 40p-50p. (I haven’t really tried to sell a scene)

Also, you really wouldn’t notice that your syndicates are maxed out if you’re doing random missions.

Vault Runs

You can get the keys in the orokin lab on your dojo. You can find and buy those keys. (Ex: Bleeding Dragon Key, Decaying Dragon Key etc..) Gather a squad. The squad must have all the keys. You can be the bleeding, the other one should be decaying, and so on. Get a mission in the Derelict. I prefer capture/exterminate. But well, just go for capture(cuz it’s the fastest way). Search the whole damn map. Until you get to see a vault. It needs a key to open it. You can get mods. Like transient fortitude, blind rage, narrow minded, overextended and so on. Well, this mods costs about 20-30p, or sometimes 15p, worst case 10p. 🙁 Well atleast you get the plat LOL.

Farm Prime Parts

The title says it. Farm Prime Parts and then , ofc, its freakin obvious. SELL IT. You can also check the price of the prime part you got at Warframe Market.

Law of Retribution

Get a squad. 8 party members. Don’t know how LoR works? Go watch youtube, then come back here. Do 2 LoRs. The normal one, and the nightmare. It’s simple. You get arcanes. You…Get..Arc..anes. Sell it. Check the price. If you’re lucky, you get to have a grace,avenger or energize. That my friend is an easy platinum. Arcane Energize costs 300p-450p. Grace? 130-150. Avenger? About 200-250. The normal(not rare) Arcanes that you can get costs about a 20platinum – 100platinum.

Riven Mods

This is a new thing in warframe. Most likely. “How to get rich in warframe instantly” Please, do sorties every 24 hours, basically everyday? Well yeah everyday. You have a chance to get a veiled riven mod. Rifle ,Pistol, Shotgun, & Melee. Okay, I’m gonna start the pricing on the veiled ones.

  • Veiled Rifle = 30p -35p
  • Veiled Pistol = 15p-25p
  • Veiled Shotgun = 80p-120p
  • Veiled Melee = 60-80p

So, if you want to sell just the veiled ones. Then that’s the pricing. Guys correct me if I’m wrong. It’s okay. But usually, that’s the price that i usually see on the trading section. BUT If you want to continue on. Do the missions on that veiled mod. If you’re lucky to have a good stats. Then, easy plats. Worst part is. If you have a good stats on that mod. But the weapon is not that really popular. Example the vasto (guys this is just an example). Expect a lower offer. Also if you get a weapon and has a bad stat. You can also reroll it until you get the nice stats. BUT see also the stats of the weapon(not the riven). Why? Because if that weapon is a crit / status build. And yo you get a stat of a +crit +status. Then the expected price would be higher. Also, farm kuvas. Lot’s of lots of kuva(It’s for rerolling purposes). Don’t know the price? Join the facebook group. Warframe International Market Group, you can also post it there and do an auction. You can also ask ingame. Don’t do so much sorties? You can also buy veiled rivens. Prices are listed above.

Buy and Sell

Buy cheap, sell it more expensive than the older price.

Title says it guys. If you have so much plats now. Buy something. What I usually buy is rivens. Well you also do it with prime sets or parts. But for me? Rivens. I buy bad stat rivens. Reroll it until the stats are good and sell it more expensive. Same with the prime set/s or prime part/s. You get to buy a 10p part, sell it for 15p. That’s all.

Buy Platinum using Real Mone

Well, if you have THE MONEH, you can buy plats using money. Buying platinum using real money is also a way to get platinum. I wouldn’t really recommend this. Because maybe some of you are gonna use your moms credit card and buy platinum lol. “Mom, i saw this guide, that i’m gonna buy platinum using money” wtf. Well sh.. Usually, the ones who buy platinum using money are those who have jobs or maybe you really have alot of money. LOL .

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