Terraria – How to Obtain Dead Men Tell No Tale Achievement

This guide will inform you how to earn this achievement.

Dead Men Tell No Tale Achievement Guide


As stated from the wiki, this achievement requires you to die within 10 seconds of opening the chest, simple enough. This was the last achievement I needed before I could 100% the game (again).

Order of Completion

  1. Make a new world, make sure it’s a non-journey world.
  2. Create a new character, like the world, keep it non-journey.
  3. Go exploring in caves to find a naturally generated dead man’s chest.
  4. Open said dead man’s chest, this should immediately give you the achievement.


I tested this first on Journey mode, and yet all the strategies I tried didn’t work. Some of the ideas I had that I thought would work were, creating my own dead man’s chest armed with multiple traps and putting the dead man’s chest in separate cave biomes (jungle, hallowed, normal, corruption, etc.).

Unfortunately, none of those methods worked, so I went over to my non-journey character and did this within 10-15 minutes. It takes a bit of time finding the chest, but once you get it, it’s extremely satisfying (Assuming it’s also the last achievement you need).

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  1. Actually you can just come to any single player world and bring a DMC with you. Place it, open it and commit suicide (with the RoD or lava) in the next 10 seconds.

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