Brick Rigs – Never Flat Tires Guide

This is a very simple guide that explains how to build a design of wheel that prevents your tire from going flat no matter how many times it is shot at with small arms fire.

Guide to Never Flat Tires

All credit goes to Just J!

Reason’s Why This is an Epic Discovery!

Have you ever been in a warfare server and used a tank that had a bunch of tires on it instead of tracks cause tracks+BR=great sadness? Of course you have! It’s terrible. You in your cool tank. A moving metal fortress and you get stuck because someone shoots your tires with a little baby pistol or an AR.

This is a alternative to using the detenator method as that require all the detenator to have a manual input rather than be self-reinflating. For example, you would have to shoot out all the tires on a vehicles and then detonate then all with 1 input to make them all flat free. If however only some of your tires went flat and you activated the detonators, it would only make the tires that have gone flat invincible. One could give every detonator its own button, but what if you have more wheels than buttons?

If you have ever experienced this, you know the reason for this guide.

How One Builds These Special Wheels

Ok. This is where it can get a tad bit confusing but I shall try to keep it as clear and concise as I possibly can. On your desired vehicle, it must have a wheel type that you can directly attach a brick too. So, not the 5×2 offroad wheel sadly. It should work with any other wheels however.

So take your wheel and on the stud that protrudes from its side, build a round disc on it, not dissimilar from a overly large hubcap, but wait! There’s more. The hubcap needs to be larger than the size of the wheels rim (rim being the non-rubber part inside the tire just to be clear) yet it also needs to be smaller than the size of the entire wheel when it is fully inflated so it doesn’t run on the hubcap.

Ok. so you now have 1, just 1 large hubcap on this wheel. Good. Now add 4 more all clipping inside of each other (preferably rotated slightly) for a total of 5 bricks per wheel. I have made each one a different colour to show you how they should clip inside each other but be rotated.

How to Test Them

This is very simple yet somewhat tedious, and time consuming. The materials in this game have a density factor. It tells you this factor in the editor when hovering over a material in the material selector.

Lets say you are doing this to your friends little pickup truck or oldie car. Both are probably somewhat light weight. So start with the least dense material (foam).

Ok. Now you have a foam hubcap. Go spawn your vehicle and all its glorious hubcaps.

Once you spawn it, get out and shoot 1 and only 1 tire at a time. They should all be tested individually for the best results.

Then get in it and proceed to drive around with that flat tire. Having some speed helps since it bashes the hubcap against the ground a bit harder catalyzing the event. Since the tire is flat, it should be running on the hubcap and not the actual rim of the wheel. Running on this hubcap should make at least 1 of the 5 bricks composing the cap break off.

When it breaks off….your tire should magically re-inflate and become unable to be flat again no matter how many times it gets shot! Yeet! Just don’y break the actual wheel off with a RPG or actual collision and you”l be fine.

This is the part where you could get very upset right now because they all broke off and your tire is still flat. It’s ok. Don’t kill Bob just yet. If they all broke off and your tire is still flat, review the size of your hubcap making sure it is bigger than the rim, yet smaller than the size of your tire when its inflated. Some wheels work better than others too. Also try just re-spawning from the editor/garage/spawn point. Ok good. If the issue still persists, Change the material of your 5 cap bricks to the next density material density up (from foam to one of the woods for example) and work your way up until you are at a material solid enough that it will not break off during normal operating/driving conditions but will break of a cap when the tire is flat and the magic happens. It may take some time and testing. I did say it was tedious.

Once you have calibrated all the wheels on your vehicle (although tires that are for show and do not touch the ground, such as tank sprockets and roller wheels, are pointless to do this too unless you just want them all to match) ,you are all set really. Nothing more to do unless you want to customize the looks of your new wheels.

How I believe It Works

Basically, When you have your tire get shot, BR is like “Oh your tire is flat”. Then when a hubcap bricks breaks off, BR thinks “Oh ok his wheel changed. Time to re-render it and opps I forgot to keep his tire flat, oh well”. This does not explain why it becomes invincible like only your tires and god-mode-ed but its BR. It’s..just..weird. Somethings there is no explaining. That is currently the best working theory I have to offer to you.

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