Brick Rigs – How Actuators Act (Phasing Though Objects)

This guide explains how actuators act when phasing though objects.

Law of Adjacent Actuators [LAA]


Most experienced builders should have noticed that sometimes actuators on your craft passes though the craft’s bricks with no shaking at all, as if there was nothing there, but other times it shakes violently.

First we need to make a few definitions clear: we will look at crafts by splitting the craft up into “Sections”, a “Section” is a connected piece of the craft that is not separated by actuators, wheels, or anything that can move, it is rigid.

This can be explained and taken advantage of, notice the picture, the gun in my vehicle is phasing though the black bricks with no shake at all, this is because:

  1. Things attached to an actuator will not glitch when passing though bricks which are attached to the section that the actuator itself is attached to, Eg. the actuator of the gun is attached to the hull “Section” of my craft, therefore the actuator will not glitch when it passes through bricks in the “hull” section.
  2. Sections that are not directly connected to the section they are passing though will glitch. In other words sections that are two or more actuators away from the section they are contacting will glitch, but those that are only separated by 1 actuators will not, the same applies to wheels and heli blades.


The example of the gun barrel is very useful, it enables creative armoring where you do not need to leave a gaping hole for the gun to pass though, machine guns could look airtight using this, and doors are able to work because of this.

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