Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Spirit of Inmost Light + Spirit of Gyrfalcons Prismatic Hunter Build

Extremely Fun Prismatic Hunter Build

Got this roll so I decided to make a build for it, even though it’s probably not the most desired roll for hunters.


  • Radiant
  • Void Overshield
  • Frost Armor
  • Volatile Rounds
  • Lots of Transcendence

This build is phenomenal in Onslaught if you happen to get this roll for your Exotic Class Item.


  • Gamblers Dodge
  • Jump of choice
  • Grapple Grenade
  • Withering Blade
  • Shadowshot Deadfall Super


  • Stylish Executioner
  • Winters Shroud


  • Dawn
  • Awakening
  • Honor
  • Purpose
  • Generosity

Note: All Prismatic Fragment Locations.


  • Kinetic: Darkness element weaopn of choice (I chose The Call).
  • Energy: Graviton Lance.
  • Power: Edge Transit/Falling Guillotine/Doomed Petitioner based on activity.

Stats & Armor Mods:

  • 10 Resil, 10 Disc > Mobility > Recov > Int > Str
  • Helmet: Hands On, Void Siphon, Strand Siphon
  • Arms: Heavy Handed, Focusing Strike, Impact Induction
  • Chest: Resistances based on activity
  • Legs: 2x Void Weapon Surge, Better Already/Recuperation
  • Class Item: Bomber, Outreach, Powerful Attraction

Drip (adds 0.1% dmg buff when you look cool): Anthemic Invocation ornaments go well with the class item.

Gameplay Tips

Typical gameplay loop for this build:

  • Dodge near enemies to buff melee and grenade regen. Then from there spam abilities.
  • Once you go invis, spam Graviton Lance in a large group of enemies and watch them all explode from volatile rounds.
  • Use The Call or Graviton to gain any remaining light/dark transcendence energy to go transcendent.
  • Ult then pop transcendence and spam everything.
  • Remember to get weapon kills here as well to get some light and darkness energy back after transcendence ends with the Artifact Perk: Transference.
  • Slowing enemies with stasis melee and the dodge + picking up void breaches will increase class regen, so no need for combo blow.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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