Cyberpunk 2077 – Panam Palmer Romance Guide (Step-by-Step)

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are numerous romance options that V can have with characters, one of which, and in my opinion the best one, is Panam Palmers. In this guide you will learn how to respond and react around Panam in order to go down the correct path, how you respond to these characters is crucial, so you must be careful.

Guide to Panam Palmer Romance


Warning: This guide, even though it does not give a lot of details to what actually happens in the game, could give away spoilers. I recommend only reading the guide if you have reached the point in the game where you will use it.


The content tabs below are the missions/side jobs that you must complete in order to finish Panams storyline. Under each one you can learn what to say and how to act.

1. Ghost Town (Main Job)


  1. After getting her car back ask about the hideout location.
  2. When at the bar, drink to her ride before you ask her to get a single room.
  3. Confirm that you meant what you said.

2. Lightning Breaks (Main Job)


  1. After scouting out the enemy camp tell Panam you want her to stay in the car because she is injured and you can handle it.
  2. Once you have saved Mitch and are about hunt down Hellman make sure you ask Panam for help.
  3. Not long after that response tell her that you’ll help settle the score with Kang Tao
  4. After finding Hellman, when Saul shows up, defend Panam, saying that it wasn’t her fault.

3. Rider’s on the Storm (Side Quest)


  1. In the start you want to agree to ride with her so either respond with, “We’re chums, that’s why” or “Do it quietly, sure. Perfect for two. “
  2. From here on out, make sure that you are constantly backing Panam up whenever and however you can.
  3. Once your on the couch with Panam and Saul leaves, raise a toast to Haboobs.
  4. Ask Panam if she is comfortable with her stay and tell her that she will feel more at home if she took off her shoes.
  5. Now you want to touch Panam and even though it may seem like all she wants is a friendship don’t worry about it, just keep following the steps.
  6. Following that dialogue you will next want to respond with “So-so, back’s numb” and ask her why she isn’t staying with her family.
  7. Last step for this side quest is you need to try to talk about the night before while she walks towards her motorcycle.

4. With a Little Help From My Friends (Side Quest)


The responses you make will start to matter once you visit the veterans.

  1. When visiting veterans, tell Panam you’re in.
  2. For the next dialogue option you will want to tell her you missed her.
  3. Then tell her you’re ready to begin.
  4. Next when she is talking to you personally, tell her that the tiptoeing can stop and that so far, it’s good.
  5. She’ll respond to what you said and you need to say, “why does it have to be different with you.”
  6. You have just reached the point where things are starting to happen in your favor.
  7. You want to touch her hand and ask her to follow her impulse. Then you will ask if she is worried about Saul.
  8. Now you should be near a campfire, tell Panam your tired and need to crash.
  9. Final dialogue for this quest is where you’ll need to say that its getting cold outside and scoot closer to her.

5. Queen of the Highway (Side Quest) [Final]


This is the final quest that you will do in order to complete the storyline and become more than friends with Panam.

  1. By now you should have the Basilisk, now you want to enter it and ask if anyone got it running a while back and admit it is cozy inside.
  2. Now this is the scene that you most likely have been waiting for so now all you must do is go in for the kiss and let Panam start touching you.
  3. Once the scene ends and you two both get out of the Basilisk, kiss her again and thank her for being there for you.

Congrats! If you have completed this Side Quest than you are done with Panam’s questline and not long after the quest you will be awarded with the Life of the Road achievement.

Written by Nmesh

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