Stardew Valley – How to Quickly Farm the Auto-Petter

A fast way to earn Auto-Petter (community center route).

Guide to Quickly Farm the Auto-Petter

What Is an Auto-Petter?

The Auto-Petter is a tool that automatically pets animals when placed in a barn or coop. You no longer need to click your animals to keep them happy which provides a gain of time.

Community Center Route

There are 3 ways in single player…

How to obtain the Auto-Petter

  1. As a reward from a random treasure chest in the Skull Cavern.
  2. As a rare drop from special enemies in the dangerous mines. Special Slimes have a golden Star on their antenna. Other special enemies simply look like they always do, you cannot distinguish them.
  3. As a rare drop from special crate or barrel in the dangerous mines. You cannot distinguish them from normal barrels or crates, they look exactly like normal ones.

So, as you may guess, this useful tool is pretty rare.

How do we raise chances to find them?

The best way for me was to go for the skull caverns. Although I had a lot of luck on my first dangerous mine run and found one, chances are so low… better head for those treasure chests in the skull cavern.


What do you need?

  1. Staircases! A lot of staicases!
  2. Magic Rock Candy
  3. Some food (nothing that changes stats, just healing items like Cheese)
  4. A good day
  5. Maybe a Rabbit’s foot? Don’t now if it works…

Collect a ton of stones

I personally made 200 staircases for one run. The exact number doesn’t matter, do as you please to make the run as long as you want. You can buy them from Robin if you have the money. 2 million for staircases is a lot.

Get your hands on Magic Rock Candy

We want this for the +5 luck buff. It’s the best you can get. You can get them as a very rare drop from Haunted Skulls or trade 1 every thursday from the desert trader for 3 prismatic shards. Finally you get one from the museum as a reward for donating 90 items.


If you do it right, you won’t need food… carry some with you just in case. A lot of cactus or cheese work great if you get too much damage. Just be sure it doesn’t provide any kind of status buff, it would be to bad if you overwrite the status buffs from magic rock candy.

A good day

Each morning, switch on your tv and ask the fortune teller about your luck.

You have the highest luck if he says: “The spirits are very happy today! They will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune.”

The second best is: “The spirits are in good humor today. I think you’ll have a little extra luck.”

Rabbit’s foot

I don’t know if it raises your luck stat. But I always carry a iridium foot with me. Just in case. If someone is sure, please comment and correct me. I will change this if I am proven wrong.

The Auto-Petter Run

  • At the start of the day, check the fortune teller if your daily luck is great. If it is, wrap up your food, staircases and Magic Rock Candy. Go for the skull cavern.
  • Go down to level 10, that’s the level from which treasure chests can spawn. Level 1 to 9 never have treasure chests.
  • Now, eat your magic rock candy and spawn staircases. Ignore all enemies, ore nodes etc. Just go down as fast as you can. If you see staircases or shafts and nearby, you can of course save up you’re resources and use them.

If you already completed Qi’s Challenge, you’ll get a quaranteed chest on level 100, and based on your luck, a lot of chests on your way down.

If you used up all your staircases on your way down and didn’t find an Auto-Petter –> simply close your game and restart the day! The skull cavern floors will be completely random and on your next run, you will get completely different content. This way you won’t waste your candy and staircases for nothing.

That’s It

I made 3 of those runs and all in all Alt-F4’ed out of the game 6 times to finally get the Auto-Petters Nr. 2 to 4 I needed for my 2 barns and 2 coops.

If you’re lucky, you may get more than 1 on a run.

Joja-Mart Route (just for the sake of completion)

When you finished the Joja warehouse route, you can simply buy Auto-Petter from Joja for a whopping 50.000. But the Joja route sucks, so you want to obtain them on the community center route.

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