Risk of Rain 2 – How to Become Immortal

This guide will show you an easy way to cheat the system and tell you about the item Tougher Times.

Guide to Become Immortal

Tougher Times Mechanics

Tougher Times gives the player a chance to completely ignore any type of damage.

This means, with enough stacks, you can practically become immortal.

Here’s the formula that’s used to calculate the chance of ignoring attacks.

Where stacks is the amount of Tougher Times items you have.

Here’s how the chances increase as seen on a graph. You can see it never truly reaches 100%, but after acquiring many stacks, the player is practically immune to every type of damage.

And here’s a table of these chances.

Did You Know?

This item’s predecessor is “Tough Times” from Risk of Rain (1). The item in the first game is not at all like the one we see in the sequel, because the one in RoR1 grants the player +14 armor instead of a chance of blocking attacks.

There is a mistake in Risk of Rain where the item description gets the item’s functionality totally wrong. It reads “Reduces incoming damage by 14%” in the game, meanwhile the actual bonus is +14 armor. Granting the player around 12% damage reduction.

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