Wobbly Life – How to Get the Rocket Car (Hidden)

In this guide you will find out where to find the rocket car in the game.

Guide to Find and Get the Rocket Car

How to Find the Car

First off, let’s find out where to start.

Right, you will be spawned in the world once you enter a game right here, out side the house you were kicked from for being a bit lazy playing video games.

Now, lets *Cough* *Cough* Borrow a car.

Follow the positions I go.

The super market.

Over the bridge.

Near the fair ground.

Off the hill down to the boats.

Walk towards the crate.

Now, in this very crate is the thing I’ve we have been looking for.

Well done! now you’ve found the most annoying car in the game.

Enjoy climbing walls.

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