SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to Legitimately Get the Escape Artist Achievement

The Escape Artist Achievement Guide


Main Route

Go as fast as you can and try to find 914. Use 1 to 1 first before you set it to fine. Upgrade your card to at least a lieutenant card. Find an exit zone and be careful to not run into any SCP’s.

Find a security guard fast and ask him to lead you to the exit fast. Make sure you find Gate B, as that is nearest to the exit. Take the elevator down and run as fast as you can to the exit.

Alternative Route

Run to 914, upgrade your card to a high enough level to get past checkpoints and run. Hope for your ♥♥♥ life that there are MTF that spawned right as the round started. Dodge SCP’s and make your way to entrance zone and find Gate B if you haven’t already found an MTF unit that will escort you to the gates. MTF would have already opened the gate to get through and the elevator should be up, ready for you to take to the ground floor. Send it to the exit and you’re all good.


Main Route

There is none, you are going to ♥♥♥ die unless Chaos spawns and you happened to grab a keycard from the bathroom, upgraded it and sent it past all the SCP’s and scientists and facility guards in your way.

Alternative Route

There is none really. Nah ♥♥♥ if you get d boy you’re ♥♥♥.

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