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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Easy Gold Guide (Online)

Written by Cuddly   /   Feb 2, 2021    

Simplified guide for attaining gold bars.

How to Attain Gold Bars

Story Missions

  • Completing all story missions will grant you a nice amount of GB.
  • After completing all of them you should have almost enough to buy a role.

Daily Challenges

  • Each daily grants you 0.1 GB from the start.
  • If you complete all of them you get a small GB bonus.
  • The amount of GB per challenge increases slowly with weekly streak, up to 3 weeks+.
  • If you complete a month, it will reset but grant you a treasure map.
  • Buying and levelling up roles will give you more challenges to complete.

Treasure Maps

  • You attain one every 5 or so levels.
  • It gives around 0.5-1.5 GB (and also around $100+!)!
  • Check satchel > documents to see your treasure maps.


  • Check your achievements regularly to see if you have any ready to 'reset'.
  • Each achievement reset give 0.4 GB!
  • Some easy ones include: $1000 spent, 1000 enemies killed/looted Etc.
  • They can be reset 10 times, for a total of 4 GB per achievement!

Stranger Missions

  • The best easy way to earn GB for a newer player.
  • Each mission gives around 0.08-0.16 GB.
  • Gain more GB if you do them slowly (like with bounty hunter).
  • Can be grinded infinitely!

Bounty Hunter Role

  • The only role that earns GB.
  • This should be the first role you buy! It is sometimes on sale (-5 GB) so wait for this if you are gold-poor!
  • Wait 12 min in normal bounties and 30 min in legendary bounties (from the start of the mission) to max your payout up to 0.48 GB per mission.
  • Bounty can be dead or alive and mission difficulty doesn't matter!

Free Roam Events/ PVP

  • You will sometimes be invited to join free roam events.
  • In free roam events/ PVP you can earn a steady flow of GB.
  • I don't like these modes personally but if you enjoy them it's a decent way to grind!

Written by Cuddly.