Valheim – How to Use the Ymir Flesh

Ymir Flesh is one of the many rare collectible items used for crafting in Valheim. This guide will teach you how to use the Ymir Flesh in Valheim.

Where to Find Ymir Flesh

Once you’ve successfully located Haldor the Merchant in the Black Forest biome, you’ll have access to his limited shop of wares. One of these items is Ymir Flesh, described as “The earthy remains of the giant Ymir.”

How to Use the Ymir Flesh

Ymir Flesh is a crafting material currently used in two separate recipes. One recipe is to craft Frostner, while the other is to craft the Iron Sledge.

Frostner is a powerful hammer that is imbued with the power of ice, causing frost damage to enemies hit by it. You can craft Frostner at the Forge with x10 Ancient bark, x30 Silver, x5 Ymir flesh, and x5 Freeze gland.

Iron Sledge is the most powerful blunt weapon in Valheim. When it’s fully upgraded it hits enemies for a staggering 73 blunt damage with 200 knockback. You’ll not only need Ymir Flesh to craft it initially, but for each of its subsequent upgrades, too. You can craft Iron Sledge with x10 Ancient bark, x30 Iron, x4 Ymir flesh, and x1 Draugr Elite trophy.

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