Valheim – Guide to Enemy Proof Houses

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A quick guide exploring ways that allow you to cheese the enemy AI so you can build a base and not worry about it.

Enemy Proof Houses Guide


Indestructible Trees

I recommend finding a swamp or Mistlands biome next to a meadows/plains biome so you can build off the tree into empty space and not more trees. I recommend finding a tree that cannot be chopped down as well.

How to go about this:

  • Swamp, there are 2 types of trees.
  • Mistlands trees.


Leech Defense

My favorite method is to build on the edge of a swamp biome into either a plains or meadows biome. Essentially you dig a moat deep enough enemies cannot stand, and connect it to a deep part of the swamp biome and it will fill with leeches. These leeches will kill anything from the other biomes/events that dare come into the water.

How to go about this:

  • Find an ideal location, near water level.
  • It is best to find a location that is near a small pond or lake as well next to the swamp biome.
  • Start digging out an area and move in one direction. Dig down until you start to swim then move forward and repeat until the moat is complete.
  • Finally in the center of your build area, raise up the terrain 1 or 2 times and level it out.

The goal is to make the terrain not able to be climbed, meaning you would be swimming in the water. The method works on plain land too, you don’t need water, you can just build an empty moat.


Not Just for Reading

This is a good starter base, pretty easy to setup, simply make yourself stairs going up to it and leave a gap at the bottom of the stairs that requires you to jump. Enemies can’t jump.

How to go about this:

  • Put a horizontal or vertical support beam and start building.

Raise Ground

Fun and Exploitable

This method is really cheaty. Granted it costs a bit of stone farming to be able to do this, but not much. You can essentially raise up the land and then put your structures on that land to get it off the ground. This means nothing can be destroyed. It is probably the safest and most event proof build you could do.

How to go about this:

  • Find or make an open area. Try to find one that is pretty level already (this is important).
  • Level off the area.
  • Raid up one section to the max
  • Start building
  • Run stairs down the size, every 3rd stair put a horizontal support beam into the raise ground.
  • Continue doing this till one stair off the ground.
  • Make yourself a gap and a jump, enemies cannot jump.

Written by SKuD

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