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Charms Explained

What are charms?

Charms are a new type of equipment you can put on your heroes to increase their power the higher the rarity the more power it gives and unlock their season set bonus.

  • To unlock season set bonus the charms equiped should be elite or higher rarity.
  • Charms are character specific so each characters gets their own charms, ie: you cant equip odies charms on cecia.

How many types charms has?

3 Types and they are: Left, Middle, Right.

How many rarites charms has?

5 Rarites, From lower to higher rarity they are: Rare, Elite, Epic, Legendary, Mythic.

How to get charms?

You get them by clearing treasure challenges in Dura’s trials, each time you clear those challenges you will get random charms, tho each treasure challenges have increase rate up for class specific to make it less RNG.

How to unlock dura’s trial?

  1. Need to reach season which mean beat all 1125 normal afk stages and clear all main story.
  2. Need to beat season afk stage 305.

What is Dura’s trial?

Dura’s trial has some treasure challenges that you can beat and get charms from.

Dura’s trial has 2 themes: sunrise and sunset, each theme has 6 treasure challenges and 2 of them are open per day and it switches between 2 themes weekly so one week is sunrise the next week will be sunset… etc.

Note: On sunday you will have 6 of them open.

Each treasure challenges has some floors in it, the higher the floor that you can beat the higher rarity charms you get.

Each treasure challengs has some buffed character to help you beat them.

You can challenge those stages 3 times (3 tokens) a day, tho can be increased:

  • To 4 when you beat floor 6 on 10 of treasure challenges and…
  • To 5 when you beat floor 12 on 10 of treasure challenges.

Note: This token wont be used for first time clear.

Note: To unlock higher floors you will need to beat x season afk stages too, Not just clear the floor before it.

How to equip charms?

Go to Resonating Hall -> Character -> Charms wheel -> here can auto equip or tap on each slot and equip.

Tip: Before getting mythic charms just auto equip highest rarity charms you have.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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